How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

December 17, 2017

Are you thinking of making your home look like a luxury hotel, but you do not have enough funds?

Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Install Moldings

If your entire house has drywall that looks plain, adding a trim will make it look more expensive at a low cost. You should consider adding a board and batten, shiplap wall, and beefing up your windows using a trim. Doing so will make your home look more expensive without having to go over budget.

Add Greenery and Flowers

Adding simple grocery store flowers to your daily décor can go a long way towards making your home look exquisite.

Nowadays, you can even purchase fake flowers from the craft store and they will be as convincing as real ones. Is your décor feeling dull? You should consider adding some greenery around the room.

Paint the Cabinets

If your cabinets still have the yellowy builder-grade oak color, you should consider upgrading their look with a new coat of paint. You should choose a good neutral color that adds to the overall décor of your kitchen.

If you are no good with a brush, you should think about hiring a professional painter or interior designer to update your cabinets.

Hang Curtains Close to the Ceiling

Hanging your curtains near the ceiling immediately makes any room appear stately and larger. Even if you opt for cheap curtains from your local store, this trick will make your home seem like a luxury home.

Use Area Rugs

Adding an area rug to your bedroom or living room can make your home look more polished and cozy. This simple decoration item does not even need to be expensive to upgrade the look of your home. Just make sure that you select the right size of rug for your space.

Integrate your lighting and HVAC systems

The use of energy-efficient lighting design provides not only significant lighting savings but also reduces the cooling requirements for your home. According to HVAC Santa Rosa based firm, you should incorporate your lighting system design and properly size your HVAC systems to save energy and at the same time improve thermal comfort of your home.

Invest in Down Pillow Inserts

When you replace your polyester batting with down inserts, the décor and look of your sofa or bed will take on a luxury look and feel. To avoid spending too much on this, you should just buy a new cover and keep your old pillows.

Frame Your Builder Grade Mirrors

You can choose to frame your builder grade mirror or replace your frameless ones with store-bought varieties to make your bathroom look more expensive. If you have enough money left, you should consider decorating your bathroom mirror for a more luxurious look.

Window Treatments

Luxury apartments can look so much better after window treatments. Fortunately for you, a window treatment is one of the most budget-friendly ways to make your home look more sophisticated while adding a bit of privacy.

When choosing a window treatment, you need to be careful: choosing unlined materials that look flimsy will not make your house look cheap instead of elegant.

When it comes to window treatments, you need to stick to materials that look elegant, such as cotton, linen, and polyester. Do you dislike drapes of any kind? You should try wooden blinds or bamboo shades. When you opt for this choice, you should make sure that your home looks elegant by dressing all your windows.

Having no money is not a good excuse for cheap décor, you should think outside the box.

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