4 Bathroom Accessories You Need for Your Newly Renovated Space

November 6, 2017

So now you have your newly renovated bathroom. You’ve put in all the necessities such as the toilet and sink, and the bathtub or shower. But you know you are not yet done, right? Much like when you are preparing for a special occasion, you don’t just put on the clothes you are wearing to wear and leave for the event. You take time to choose what other things you can wear to complete the look. You may put on a watch, a necklace, or the perfect earrings to match your look. You also take time to choose even the bad and shoes before you deem your look complete and leave.


The same is true for any room in the house, including the bathroom. Sometimes the smallest details added as finishing touches make the bathroom perfect. Any homeowner would want their bathrooms to not just be functional but also comfortable and beautiful. Of course, when you buy bathroom accessories, you buy first for function, but the good thing is that there are great designs available so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function.

If you’re not sure which bathroom accessories you should buy first, check out the list below so you know which you will prioritize first when you start shopping.

  1. Towel rails or rings – there are many ways to organize the things inside your bathroom. For towels, you can go for rails even towel rings. Make sure you don’t forget to install a towel ring near the sink for your hand towel. Just consider how many will be using the bathroom when you choosing what to use. If it’s just you, you can just for a single towel ring. But if a family is using the bathroom, you can opt for double towel rails instead.

  1. Shelves – a room can never have too much storage. If you’re thinking of living in that space for a long time, it’s better to have extra storage than trying to look for one when you have gathered too many things over the years. If your space for the bathroom is too small, you can choose floating shelves that can just be mounted so that it will not be occupying any floor space.

  1. Toilet roll holders – they may be small, but there’s no doubt that they are necessary for any bathroom. Whatever you buy depends on the design aesthetic you’ve chosen for your bathroom, since there are so many designs available. From elegant, classic to contemporary, you have so much to choose from.

  1. Soap dish, toothbrush holder, and towel rack – don’t forget to buy the small accessories such as your soap holder, toothbrush holder, tumbler holder and the like. It would be a good idea to buy these together so that you can choose a similar look for all of them. It would be hard if the design of each would clash as it would not look pretty. You can check out this site for bathroom accessories sale and choose all the accessories you need for your newly-renovated bathroom.

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