Making Your Home Look Great for Potential Buyers

December 16, 2017

If you have decided to sell your home, then you will be looking to get a buyer for it as soon as possible. However, if your home has been for sale for some time, then you might need to think about what you can do to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. There are many ways you can create a home that will not only look inviting but also be the perfect show home for anyone looking to buy.

The Exterior

When you are trying to impress potential buyers, the exterior of your home is the first thing they will see. It needs to match up to their expectations, or it will be difficult to win them round even if your interior is better. Start by looking at your home compared to the others in the area. Does your home look the same, or does it need a little work?

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There are many things you can do without spending a huge amount of cash. Look at the garden; maybe you can give the lawn a mow or tidy the borders? Check the gutters to see if they are clean and free of debris. You should also look at the outside woodwork to see if any of it needs to be repainted. These quick and easy ideas will give the outside of your home a good makeover and make a great first impression.

Depersonalize Your Home

While it is lovely to have pictures of all your family and friends on the walls and side tables, it won’t mean the same to potential buyers. When they come to see your home, they will imagine how it will look with all of their furniture. It is best if they can see a home that has been depersonalized and all pictures and personal objects removed. If you don’t want to pack them away permanently, then you can just take them down when you have buyers visiting.

Minimize the Clutter

You have no doubt collected a lot of things while you have been in your home, and most of it may be laying around. It is important when having buyers visit that they see the full potential of your home, that means having as little clutter as possible. Make sure that the space you have is cleared so the visitors can see how big the rooms are. If there are any unusual or interesting features in the house, make sure they are pointed out, it might just be the thing that makes up their minds. In the bedrooms, tidy away any clothes or other objects that take up valuable space. If you have fitted wardrobes, try to tidy them up so you can show them to the buyers.

Prepare Your Rooms for the Visit

Before the buyers arrive, there are a few things that you can do to make the rooms look even more enticing. Put clean linen on the beds and make sure they are made, it is also a good idea not to have animals on the beds as some people don’t like it. If you have a fireplace, think about lighting it to make the place feel homelier, though might not want to in the middle of summer. In the kitchen, make sure that some coffee is brewing, and you might also want to do some baking. These smells make people think of home, and it might make them want to buy your home.

Have a Big Clean

You probably spend a lot of time cleaning your home. However, when you are planning on selling your property, you need to make it sparkly clean. It doesn’t matter if you are going to put your house on the market, or sell directly to a company such as Bigger Equity, your home needs to be clean, so you can get the greatest chance of selling for the best price. Potential buyers are notorious for looking everywhere, so you need to leave no corner unattended.

Start by vacuuming the whole house and removing any cobwebs, then make sure the walls are clean and free from scuffs. You can easily repaint small areas if needed, and the same applies to your interior woodwork. Fill any gaps in the walls and woodwork and repaint the area. If you haven’t decorated for a while, you might need to do the whole room as the color might have faded.

Fix Things as You Go Along

While you are having your big clean, it is the perfect time to repair or replace things that need attention. If you have a blown bulb, then be sure to replace it, and use a bulb with a high wattage, so the room doesn’t look too dark. If you have any broken furniture, now might be the best time to fix it or throw it out, the same applies to old or torn curtains. If there is something that you won’t be taking to your new home, this may be a good time to remove it altogether; it will create more space and make the room look better.

Don’t Have Pets in the House

As much as you love your pets, others may not be so happy with them. That is why it is best to remove animals from your home before you get any buyers visiting. Maybe a neighbor can take them in for an hour or so, or maybe you have a secure area of your garden that they can use. It is also advisable to remove any animal toys or bedding, not only will it create more room, but it will also help to appeal to non-animal buyers.

Some of these jobs can require a lot of time and effort, so think about having a house party where your friends and family can come over to help you. All you need is to provide some food and drink and maybe some music, and they can help get your home ready for sale.

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