LiveMentor Facebook Domination Course Review

November 20, 2017

Hello, friends!

Recently I have done Facebook Domination e-course powered by Livemaster and want to share my impressions about it in this post.

The overview:

Live mentor is an online school created five years ago specifically for small business owners and freelancers to help them to launch and develop their business.

Hence, Facebook Domination course can be useful for various entrepreneurs – bloggers, designers, e-commerce sites owners, artists, etc. The goal is to show how you can use Facebook to increase sales and leads from your website.

The training program consists of 4 courses which are live – you can ask questions, comment and also you will have and access for course review during 2 weeks after the course is finished.

Here they are:

  • Course 1 – Everything (really everything) we can do on Facebook
  • Course 2 – Facebook Ads (a new must-have)
  • Course 3 – How to create a profitable advertising campaign (Screensharing during the course)
  • Course 4 – Let’s dream… Facebook latest features (with secret tricks from LiveMentor)

During the program you will:

  • Learn Facebook Basics
  • Apply knowledge to your business with the help of teacher-assistant
  • Analyze improvements

Along the course tutors analyze the strategies of such big brands like Tinder, Ipsy, Zaful and suggest how you can apply their successful practices for your own business.

During the course #1  (Everything we can do on Facebook) the tutor, has shared some amazing tips and tricks about Facebook. She started with explaining the mindset of people using Facebook and how their behavior is different from those who search something on Google, for example.

One thing she talks about and which I never really used on Facebook is Audience Insights – basically it is the best tool for you to identify who is your ideal client. I found it very extremely that this feature was explained in such detail.

She also tells why it is important not to scatter as there are so many things to do on Facebook, but rather to pick one objective and to focus on it. I have experienced it myself when was trying to build engagement on my page, post on various groups and also increase conversion. If you don’t focus on one thing at a time you literally can spend the whole day on Facebook without achieving much.

For example you can write a post which is designed for engagement (get more likes and traffic) or your goal can be conversion – download the app, buy the product, sign up for the newsletter. The wording that you should use for writing a post should be chosen depending on what is the goal of this post. LiveMentor uses Airbnb post to illustrate it.

Course 2 is about setting up successful Facebook ads campaign.

The advantage of advertising through Facebook is that you can control the amount you spend, select your target audience and also track the results.

To be successful with Facebook ads you need to match these 3 criteria

  • create the right objective
  • use the right approach
  • have the right touch of creativity

For example, objective of an Ad could be traffic or it could be conversion and in order to get good results you need to consider it when setting an Ad. Another important thing discussed during the course is the effectiveness of videos in your Facebook ads campaign.

How to make an effective call to action? How to make people buy from your ad? How to convert viewers into customers? How to choose the right audience for your campaign? How much money to spend on the ads? All these questions are answered in part 2 of the program.

Also LiveMentor explains how to choose the right words for your audience, the right landing page and the importance of great quality photos and videos.

Course number 3 focuses on how to make your first Facebook campaign profitable. In particular it talks about

  • How to be reactive on your Facebook comments?
  • CPC, CPM, CTR – what are these terms?
  • How to know if you are profitable (Facebook pixel inside)
  • What is retargeting?
  • What about bidding strategies, calendars, placements?
  • How to get started with Messenger in 30 minutes?
  • How to get more subscribers to the Messenger bot?
  • How to make a giveaway with Facebook?

One tool that was discussed and that I particularly liked is called Grytics. It helps to find groups on Facebook that are relevant to your niche and that you can use to promote your business. I find groups super effective and I personally consists in many of them related to interior design. I post there new blog posts, promote my books and goods from my online store – all this with some great results. I used to find those groups incidentally or by recommendations so it was cool to know that there is a tool for that.

During the third part of the program I really liked and appreciated the screenshots of the actual case – it was explained how one of the students of LiveMentor created a successful campaign on Facebook. It was the owner of the e-commerce site so for me it was especially important to learn these things in order to promote my boutique. Despite this example is focused around e-commerce I believe that the same techniques could be applied for any business.

Another thing that mentor showed us was how to create the ad campaign step by step. For example, how to schedule it, which days of the week and time is the most effective for sponsored posts, how to define post for traffic or for conversion.

Ads on Facebook were always confusing and intimidating for me – I was scared to waste my money and didn’t really know how to define the audience for it. After this course it has become so much easier and I can finally start to confidently use them.

Another important feature is possibility to use Facebook to create promoted posts on Instagram. Since recently Instagram became platform number one for many businesses (and I am really focusing on growing it right now) it was super useful to learn how to do it.

The last part of the program – Course 4 is dedicated to secret tips and tricks discovered by LiveMentor on Facebook. In particular they talk about:

  • Messenger – an underestimated boost
  • How to find some effective ads inspiration
  • How to preheat a post (and get more likes on it)
  • How to get inspired to better your editorial line
  • How to earn a maximum of likes on your Page
  • How to guess the audience your competitor used
  • How to use other’s audience

I never thought that you can use Messenger for promoting your business. Apparently it is super effective and very easy to use and you can successfully integrate it in your marketing campaign. The course explains how to do it. For example, you can program the Messenger to send an automated message to somebody who reacted to your add.

Another important thing you should do before creating your own Facebook campaign is analyzing your competitors. LiveMentor explains which tools you can use in order to do that.

This is the most in-depth training I got about Facebook and I really recommend this course to all entrepreneurs. Another cool feature of this program is that you are able to schedule a personalized session with your tutor who would help you to set your own Facebook campaign as well as analyze your current situation and give suggestions for improvements.


I was provided with a free access to the training program as well as received compensation for my time to write this review, however all opinions stated above are genuine and mine.

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