The Finishing Touches You Need To Perfect Your Bathroom Makeover

September 4, 2017

It can take weeks – maybe months – and a heck of a lot of money to create a fantastic new bathroom. But once the plumbers, tilers, and electricians have done their bit, it’s down to you to provide the finishing touches. And it’s something you need to think carefully about, too.

After all, nothing will take away the impact of your stunning new design than using the same old and decrepit accessories you had in there, to begin with. So, if you are ready to get your new bathroom in perfect shape, read on – these ideas will help you complete your renovation.

Statement Mirrors

Whether your walls are fully tiled or not, the chances are that you have vast expanses of wall that need something interesting to break it up. And the most obvious solution is the bathroom mirror. You could, of course, go for the traditional single pane, but why not make something completely unique? Buy a simple frame and customize it to your liking – you could surround the mirror with twigs, or old rope, for example, to give you a rustic look.

Color Coordination

The next step is to create accents by deciding on a color scheme for your accessories. Try looking for a floor mat and shower curtain that match, and look for hand towels and flannels with the same patterns and hues. It’s a simple design trick that will help you create a cohesive and incredibly stylish look.



Next, don’t forget about an often-forgotten part of decorating your bathroom – your ‘holding’ accessories. We’re talking about toilet roll holders, towel rings, and even holders for your toothbrushes, soap, and hand wash dispensers. Again, it’s a good idea to have some sort of coordination going on if you want to pull off an exquisite look for your bathroom and link everything together.


While we are on the subject of towels, why not invest a little in some new ones? A new set of bamboo towels will give you a luxurious, super soft, and ultra durable set of towels that will last you decades. Again, be careful to choose a color and pattern that either complements or completely contrasts the bathroom’s design.

Mood Setters

There are plenty of accessories out there that can help you create an atmospheric mood for your bathroom. Given the fact you have spent a small fortune on your renovation, why not include some relaxing and mood setting additions so you can enjoy it at its best? A few well-placed candles can create a warm, beautifully lit environment, and some LED lighting in a variety of colors could be used to create different moods. Plants are also a great way to add personality and atmosphere in your bathroom. Make sure you find plants that will thrive in the humid room, such as aloe vera, begonia, or dracaena.


Finally, why not use scented soaps and place potpourri around the bathroom to ensure it smells fresh at all times? You can also consider using oil and reed diffusers to create wonderful, fresh-smelling aromas.

OK, so there you have it – some great ways to finish off your bathroom to perfection. Feel free to add some more in the comments section below!


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