Wooden Flooring Trends of 2017

April 19, 2017

Wooden flooring has seen a huge rise in popularity for a very long time, whether it is engineered or solid or just wood effect (how sneaky!). With a continuous growth in popularity it doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand new floor or just refinishing existing hardwood floors, the finishes and options available are endless and us at Luxury Flooring thought I’d give you a little insight to what are set to be the top trends of 2017.

Dark Wood

Darker floors tend to offer a more modern and elegant look in a room as opposed to their lighter counterparts. They work fantastically well alongside white/cream furnishings and can help to reduce the worry of the room appearing smaller, which is often a common thought people have in common when installing dark wood floors.

Another joy of dark wood flooring is that it is less likely to fade because they do not absorb light; this also means that they don’t need to be refinished as frequently as light floors.  

wooden flooring trends


If you’re looking for something authentic and homely then the rustic style will be right up your street. Their natural, earthy tones offer a warm feel to any room and have contributed to the rising popularity of rustic flooring.

Along with the texture and colour of the floor, this style of wood allows you to play with planks of different lengths, whether they are wider or random they can help to create a real vintage vibe to dress up or dress down your chosen room.


Parquet flooring may remind a lot of people of their old school gymnasium, but this sort of flooring is great if you’re looking to create a Shabby Chic alternative for your home.

Parquet flooring first came to like in 16th century France where it was used in banqueting halls and great manor houses, but these days it is seen as a versatile and stylish flooring option for people seeking the “wow-factor” within their home. If you’re looking to add character then look no further than parquet!


The grey trend really took off last year and flooring is no exception! Having grey flooring in your home offers simplicity as well as practicality; it is easy to accompany interiors to and gives you the chance to play with the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Not only does grey wood flooring offer incredible versatility, it is unmistakably modern and can assist you with making a statement as well as adding depth, sophistication and a calming feel within the room. It’s no surprise that it has seen so much recognition over the past 12 months!

So, there you have it, the wood flooring trends that we think will take 2017 by storm.

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