How to Create a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

April 15, 2017

Even though studio apartments are an attractive feature in most cities they have one primary challenge. They offer limited space yet tenants crave for spacious, airy rooms. Fortunately, creating a fully functional, well-styled and lush looking studio suite with a living room and bedroom section is not difficult. 

bedroom in a studio apartment

If you are a property owner, here are some excellent practical ideas for how to create such a cozy and private bedroom, in your one-roomed studio apartment.

9 Ideas to Create a Private Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

Use support beams

A simple way to create a modish bedroom is to use support beams to distinguish the bed from the main living space in the room. It will it produce a sense of privacy, which does not close off the room entirely.

bedroom in a studio apartment

Flooring and area rugs

Another novel idea that you can use to create a comfy bedroom in the studio apartment is to use carpets or large area rugs. You can use rugs of altered colors and textures to stir different emotions. All these little details, allow your place to stand out and at times make it a bargain for the rental price. For instance, a pastel colored rug can help to establish a sense of serenity. Naturally, a great looking studio will allow you to attract more potential renters.

bedroom in a studio apartment

Elevate the bed

You could also divide your bedroom from the rest of the open layout loft, by constructing a raised platform for your bed. You could then place an attractive sheer curtain to make the bedroom feel inviting, and add a staircase to make it easy for a person to get onto the bed.

bedroom in a studio apartment

Use curtains

Curtains are quite useful for creating a sense of separation. For a magical effect look for long, brightly-colored fabrics to help you section off the comfy bed from other parts of your studio apartment. Whichever curtain shade you go for, make sure it blends seamlessly with the wall paint.

Transform the walk-in closet into a bedroom

If your studio apartment has a walk-in closet, why not turn it into a sleep-in closet or bedroom? The market is awash with many versatile beds, some of which are small enough to fit into the compartment comfortably. For increased convenience, practicability and privacy, however, you might need to replace the closet doors with semi-sheet curtains.

bedroom in a studio apartment

Partition the room with furniture

Room furniture can prove quite useful in dividing the different areas. For instance, you could go for outstretched, low-lying furniture like a dresser to separate the bed from the main room. The short height of the furniture is critical as it ensures light spreads uninterruptedly throughout the chamber. Furthermore, it keeps the bed hidden. 

bedroom in a studio apartment

Introduce garment racks

The good thing about clothing racks is that they come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. As such, you can go for a free-standing model or a Lucite bar, which you can suspend from the ceiling, to add a sense of depth and mystery. Each of these options will serve as excellent room dividers.

bedroom in a studio apartment

Utilize the clothing rack

If the idea of using a suspended-from-the-ceiling garment rack does not appeal to you, you can go for an exposed wardrobe design. Here, you use a clothing rack to act as the main wall separating the bedroom from the living or studying areas. 

bedroom in a studio apartment

Use plants

If you wish, you can add life to the room by introducing flowers to act as dividers. They could be a row of beautiful leafy blooms, or they could be potted flowers. Either will serve just fine. 

bedroom studio apartment


By using the above ideas, you can transform a cramped up flat into a spacious, airy room with distinct sections. As a result, prospective tenants will find your rental units attractive and exciting to occupy.

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