How to Update Your Home for Spring With Some Bohemian Touches

March 15, 2017

Hey friends!

Spring is here and it is an amazing time of the year to make some updates in your home to make it look fresh and inviting. I personally love relaxed feel of bohemian style and let’s talk today how we can bring some boho vibes in the atmosphere of your house.

If you are ready for some serious furniture updates buying a new sofa or an armchair in bloomy spring color will definitely bring to your space tenderness and novelty.

Decorate your sofa with some colorful ethnic pillows and comfy plaids:

Kilim woolen pouf from Crowdyhouse

Fringe plaid from Crowdyhouse

Plants are able to make magic in any interior. Here personally I love this original idea of making a room divider in this tiny space with climbing plants:

Think of lighting not only as a functional thing but also a wonderful tool that is able to bring some romance into your favorite nook:

I already declared my love for Peacock chairs in this post, but seriously if you are in fond bohemian interiors this piece must be first on your buying list:

Decluttering your home for spring doesn’t mean that it needs to look sterile afterwards. Leaving occasionally some piles of books or magazines on the floor will make the interior look relaxed and very boho:

Think about zoning and how you can divide the space into several little nooks using curtains and various fabric hangings – the place will not look smaller, but much more cozier and interesting:

Books and plants are two main essentials of boho chic spaces – I can’t imagine one without them. Group similar objects together – create galleries on the walls, libraries on the shelves and little green oasis with your plants:

Think outside the box and be creative – hanging plants from the ceiling can totally transform the look and feel of the space, luckily there are so many technical solutions of how this can be done:

What I like about bohemian spaces is that you don’t need to buy super expensive furniture and accessories and be more creative with what you have. Look at this palm pot for example – something like this you can easily create yourself.

Another quick and easy update for spring will be painting your doors or sills in a bright and juicy color:

bohemian decor

Image source

When thinking about updating your home with some bohemian touches for spring, choose colorful, striking art – don’t be afraid of bold and eye-catching pieces. Have a look at this huge abstract ceramic wall art we just received in L’Essenziale boutique:

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