Dream Home: Amazing Renovation of the Old Countryside House

January 6, 2017

Good morning, friends!

I just came across this amazing house transformation that I wanted to share with you. The owners Marina and Maxim bought the old former school somewhere in countryside in Belarus. The house was in terrible condition. Here is how it looked before:
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When they saw it they fall in love with it. First of all they had to lift it and change some of the wood which was already rotten. Because of the low budget many things were done by the owners themselves. It took almost one year to rebuild it. Here is how the house looks now: 4


All materials that we used were very cheap, – says Maxim. For example, flooring was done with simple wooden boards that they polished themselves. However despite all savings they have invested in good heating and ventilation system.

The largest room on the ground floor is the living area. On the floor – old boards that they found on the attic. They are more then 50 years old and look very authentic. Most furniture is from IKEA that was bought on sales. Only dining table and chairs are from local furniture factory.

The paintings in the house are mostly children’s drawings. Marina dreams that one day it will be full of artworks made by local artists.

– Kitchen is my pride, – says Maxim. – I have made sketches, and also some of the furniture like for example large wooden dining table.

– In the kitchen, everything should be visible and easily accessible – Maxim says. – When you are cooking, everything needs to be by hand.

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Bedroom has small wardrobe and separate bathroom. The washing basin was also a DIY  project – Maxim did it from ordinary baulsters for stairs.

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