Five Innovative Ways to Freshen Up your Doors

October 26, 2016

If you are going through your home updating your decor, it is important not to forget your doors. They take up a relatively high percentage of the wall space in any room. Therefore, if they look shoddy, it definitely detracts from the overall look and feel of your home.

Paint your doors

When most people think about doors and home decor, they automatically think about painting them. This is understandable because most of us just give a door a lick of paint when we redecorate.


Of course, this can be a practical option. However, painting a door is tricky, especially if it is a panel door. It can also be very time consuming. With a panel door, you have to apply the paint in the right order, and it is hard to stop the paint from running. It can take nearly as long to paint one door as it can to repaint a small room.


Fortunately, as you will see, by reading on there are other options.

Update your doors

By far the easiest approach is to buy new doors. In the past, this would have been prohibitively expensive, but not anymore. The emergence of new composite materials, and manufacturing techniques, means that it is now easy to find cheap internal and external doors that look good.


Of course, you need to be careful and do your research before buying. This article will help you to do exactly that. By clicking the link, you will find a description of the different types that are available. Along with a list of pros and cons that will allow you to work out which is best for your home.


New door furniture

If you do not want to replace your doors, simply changing the handles can be adequate. It is a great way to give each door a fresh look, so that it blends in better with your new decor.


Use decals

Door stickers, or decals, are another option. They are not yet widely available, but you can find them online.

To apply them all you need to do is to thoroughly clean your door, peel off the corner of the sticker and smooth it on. They come in all kinds of styles and finishes, which means that you can turn your doors into attractive features.


You just need to be careful to buy good quality decals. They need to be good enough quality to be able to withstand being cleaned regularly.

Opting for the type that peels off easily when you no longer want the decals is also important. The last thing you need are door stickers that leave behind a sticky residue once you have removed them.


Get artistic

If you are creative, and good at artwork, it is always worth considering using your doors as canvases for a unique piece of artwork. You can have a lot of fun with this approach. Your kids will love a door that features their favourite cartoon, film or TV characters.

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