My Recent Home Staging Project in Moscow

July 23, 2016

Hello, my friends!

I wanted to share today my recent home staging project in Moscow. I was hired to decorate and stage this one-bedroom apartment for shooting.

What was there already: owners already have done the renovation and painted the walls everywhere. The kitchen cabinets were already there but dining table and chairs were missing. In the room there was no furniture but all sockets (for TV, etc) were already there, so I needed to consider them when making my layout. I must say that I am not a big fan of yellow as the primary colour for walls – I usually prefer colder hues and then add some bright accents. Here I needed to act vice-versa: to cool down yellow. I have chosen blue-navy blue- grey colour palette. This created a very relaxed atmosphere with a touch of coastal look – all what you need to relax after hard day in the city. So I stop talking here are the pictures (Photography by Olga Shangina):

yellow and blue bedroom

The furniture was mainly purchased in Ikea, while accessories were done by me – including handmade bamboo ladder, oil painting above the bed and books wrapped in colourful paper:

yellow and blue bedroom

I love natural linen, so when I was thinking about window treatment there was no doubts which fabric to choose. Rustic daisies perfectly compliment this relaxed space:

yellow and blue bedroom

yellow and blue bedroom SHA_4039 yellow and blue bedroom yellow and blue bedroom

These magazine holders are very easy to make and using them you can always decorate an empty wall above your workspace:

yellow and blue bedroom

balcony decor balcony decor

The colour palette for the kitchen was inspired by backsplash that owners have chosen. I used bright orange and turquoise as accents, which made the room look very cheerful and inviting:

orange kitchen orange kitchen

Again the watercolour abstract painting was done by me:

orange kitchen orange kitchen

What do you think of this project? Looking forward for your comments!


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