Scandinavian Apartment With a Green Feature Wall

May 9, 2016

Today I want to share with you a home tour of this beautiful Scandinavian apartment in Copenhagen belonging to a User Experience Architect Line Stutzer and interior designer Henrik Stutzer. This  cool 84 square meter apartment is decorated in a fun and personal way. Henrik and Line manage to give each other space for the things that they like.

Line’s huge pottery collection fills an entire bookcase in the living room, while Henry’s passion for Star Wars found expression through a big poster, figurines and Lego.

“I probably never imagined that I would live with stoneware from floor to ceiling – like Line probably never had a desire to live with Star Wars. But by mixing what we like, we’ve got a personal home where we both love to be”, – says Henrik.

Line and Henrik have only lived in the apartment for one year and a half, but it seems as if they have spent years fine-tuning their style. Henrik explains that they have taken the time to find the right things. Actually the apartment stayed half-empty for almost half year.

“It was a hobby for us – something we enjoy ourselves a lot. The apartment will probably never be finished, we  constantly get new ideas, and it gives life – there is always something happening. Sometimes we take long to find the right solution, sometimes we find hammer and nails late Tuesday night, if we suddenly have a cool idea”, – says Henrik.

To understand their common style a couple created a board on Pinterest, where they could share ideas and inspiring images. When the TV room had to be arranged, they came up with the colour palette –  the colors should be consistent, but also make the space interesting.

The living room has a cozy dining area with a round dining table in rosewood, which Line has inherited from her grandmother. The large poster on the wall was made by Henrik.

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