How to Add Some Extra Character to Your Property

November 1, 2015

Does your home feel like it lacks character? Don’t worry, here are some ideas to help you out.

Choose Strong Colour Themes

When a room’s colour scheme is messy and disorganised, it can make the whole room feel wrong. That’s why you need to pick strong and decisive colour themes for every room in your house. So, if you choose a red theme in a room, make sure that the rest of the items in the room fit this scheme. That doesn’t mean that everything in the room should be red, but it’s a good idea to mix and match with contrasting colours too much. Having a strong, unified colour scheme in every room will be sure to add some character to the home.

living room

Give Purposes to Unused Spaces

To create character in your home, you need to give it a used. You don’t want to have any areas of the home that feel wasted or pointless. So, if you have an area of the home that isn’t really being used, you should find a way of doing something with it. You could turn it into a utility area or you could make it into a relaxation space. It doesn’t matter what you do with it, but don’t let it go to waste. This is also true of large rooms that feel a little empty. Add artwork or another kind of feature so that it doesn’t feel bland or plain.


Replace the Front Door

One of the first things that people will see when they arrive at your home is the front door. They will form an impression of the home by what it looks like on the outside, so it’s always a good idea to invest in a good front door. If yours is old, dull or plain, you should buy a new one because it will add a lot of extra character to the outside of your home. You can find all kinds of interesting front doors online and from home stores, so have a look at what you can find.



Get Creative with Storage

If you have a home that lacks the storage space you need, you could use this as an excuse to get creative and give some extra character to your property. This helps to solve a problem and make the home look better at the same time; it kills two birds with one stone. You could add little hooks or adapted baskets to the walls of the home. You could use whatever you can get your hands on. As long as it can be used to store things in and it creates an interesting effect in the home, give it a try!

creative storage


Show Off the Quirks
Every home has its own little quirks, so it’s your job to show off these quirks and not allow them to get hidden. It’s these little things that make your home different to all the other ones out there. You don’t want your home to look the same as all the rest of them, do you? So, maybe it’s a weird architectural quirk, or maybe the kitchen is weirdly shaped. It could be anything. But try to make the most of these variations and celebrate them. This is a great way to give character to a home.

weirdly shaped room

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