New Trend in Home Design: Bring Your Outdoor Garden Inside

June 24, 2015

Even though present since 1930’s, a green wall is not something a lot of people decide so easily to incorporate in their house. Many have decided to grow something similar in their backyard in order to make it greener, but there is a difference between letting climber plant grow wildly, and building and maintaining this work of art, also known to some as “living wall” or “vertical garden”.

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What Exactly is a Green Wall?

As already mentioned, this idea is not such a recent design, as the first more famous one was created by, now known as the godfather of the “vegetal wall”, Patrick Blanc, in the late thirties. It was considered the beginning of an architectural revolution, as it brought sustainable material to the scene. A green wall therefore represents a wall that is either partially or completely covered in plants, with or without flowers, that are planted in soil that particular wall contains on its surface.

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Bringing it Inside

When it comes to indoor green walls, there is a much greater variety of plants that can be grown on them, whereas when maintaining an outdoor one, you need to make sure that the plant you have chosen is able to grow in climate you live in. Having it in your home, whether it is in the living room, kitchen, or even bathroom, it will definitely elevate the overall design of your house. It will be something all of your friends will talk about, praise and envy at the same time. Also, you can choose to grow a particular kind of flowers, in order to combine it with the rest of the interior design, and make a breathtaking statement. Like all the other plants, green walls also help reduce noise, and act as an additional insulation level, that keeps your house cooler during the summer and warmer for the winter months.

Green Wall in Dinning Room

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Take a Deep Breath

Since the first time the problem of air pollution was mentioned, people have started growing them on the facades of their homes and gates of the backyards in order to help save the planet. However, indoor air pollution proved to be a big problem, since not only do the toxins come from the outside, they are also created on the inside of your house. So even though many started incorporating green walls inside their home because of the stunning effect they left on the exterior, they also proved to help improve the air quality, and have a positive effect on your overall health.


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Different Types of Green Walls

It is possible to incorporate a green wall into any space, as they can be grown on freestanding structures, or organized into panel and tray systems. One of two popular ones is panel system, where plants are pre-grown, and you can choose whether to put it in or outside of your house. On the other hand, there is a tray system that is most commonly used indoors, and the plants are grown independently, and only later put on the wall. These are extremely popular as they allow you to choose freely plants you want to grow and combine, letting you wake up a little designer inside of you, and create a true work of art.

Having a green wall inside your home not only takes the design of your interior to the next level, it will improve the air quality, and reduce the outside noise, making your home not only more beautiful, but also more peaceful environment.

About the author:

Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture and a proper foodie from Sydney, Australia. She is especially interested in landscaping and enjoys visiting parks and gardens when traveling. You can follow Lana on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.



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