Essential Trend: Decorating With Plywood

September 26, 2014

Natural materials at home are considered to be a sign of good taste, because they are durable, eco-friendly and beautiful. Today they are widely used in interior design, because of the popularity of such “close-to-nature” styles as Scandinavian, Country and Ethnic. Especially in-trend today is plywood, and there is nothing surprising – this material has beautiful warm colour, pleasant texture and can be easily deformed, thus used for making complicated structures of irregular shape. Plywood can be applied for flooring, finishing of the walls and ceiling, various room dividers and kitchen cabinets. In combination with its affordability and eco-friendliness, you hardly can find a good substitute for it.

Plywood allows to realize the most daring and creative design decisions. Various room dividers, ceilings with irregular shape, niches, secret storage, staircase – practically, only your imagination is the limit.

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Another interesting property of plywood is its ability to reflect the light. For example here the feature plywood wall reflects the light coming from the large window, which makes the space look airy and spacious.
plywood 1
Great feature of plywood is its versatility in terms of style. It can be easily incorporated in Modern minimalistic or Traditional country decor. Its soft “sand” colour goes well with many other materials and textures and it is easy to combine it with stone, metal, glass and tiles.
plywood 12
wonen: mini studio foto: Lisa Van Damme
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plywood 5plywood

September 26, 2014 at 11:22 pm

We used bead board plywood for all the woodwork and four sleeping berths in our Narnia. I wanted mine stained, however, as I’m not really a fan of bare plywood. (Sorry, I’m not modern!) 🙂 What made it turn out beautiful and not at all blotchy, as plywood can be when stained, was that I discovered Charles Neil’s Blotch Control.–Blotch-Control_p_47.html
Two coats of this product on the plywood before staining did exactly what it says it will do! If anyone does decide to stain their plywood, I can’t recommend it highly enough. (And luckily you know me very well, so you know this isn’t a spam because it sure sounds like one–except that my English is too comprehensible for me to be a spammer!) LOL!

September 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Hi Susan – thank you for this link! I am sure many people will find it useful 🙂


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