Popular Fabric Patterns – Hottest Trends

November 26, 2012

“Away from neutrality!”- This slogan can be used to describe the main trends of fabric designs in this season. Bright rich colours, bold expressive patterns and a little bit of humour – these were ingredients used by designers for creating their new collections.

1. Country theme became inspiration for almost every big fabric manufacturer. Touching images of dogs, chickens, horses, ducks and even funny pigs are posing on country collections of famous fabric brands:

On the left: Dogs fabric by Emily Bond, on the right: Flying Ducks velvet sky fabric, Mulberry Home

2. Flags. British and American flags firmly keep their place in interior decoration. Red, blue and white is a safe colour combination, however fabric designers go further and use Jack Union image coloured in black-and-white, blue and green, or even simply beige:

From top left clockwise: London with Union Jack Heart by Barbara Coupe, Union Jack by Emily Bond, Britannia Union Jack Cushion by Laura Ashley, Union Jack Cream Cushion by Ian Mankin

3. Coastal charm. Marine and navy themes confidently migrate to new collections from year to year. I can understand why: what can be better than refresh your house with light sea breeze feeling and add some sweet memories of romantic cruises?

from top left clockwise: Hand Embroidered Sea Thistle-Coral by Barbara Coupe, Oxford Stripe Navy Cushion by Ian Mankin, Gulf Breeze by Ralph Lauren, Nautical Hoppsack-Pebble fabric by Ralph Lauren

      4.Garden of Eden. It seems that designers got tired of the monotony of everyday life and decided to bring a little bit of fairy tale to our homes. Riot of colour, Garden of Eden and fabulous birds became the theme of many fabric collections:

from top left clockwise: Imperial Pheasant Fuchsia fabric by G P & J Baker, Anoushka fabric by Voyage Boutique, Carnation and Blue Daffodil by Chelsea Textiles, Summer Palace Duck Egg Cushion by Laura Ashley, cushion by Osborne & Little

5. Typographic prints can seem very simple and plain, however they can create a big statement in a room:

embroidered cushions by Barbara Coupe


6. Oriental ornaments can add some exotic feeling to interiors making them look sophisticated and refined. Popular eastern ornament “Buta” has become one of the most frequently used pattern:

from left to right: Indira Paisley Ruby by Mulberry Home, Quechua fabric by Osborne & Little, Nara Indigo by Baker Lifestyle


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