How To Find A Qualified Electrician

January 3, 2018

When it comes to electrical work, you cannot cut corners. You have to hire the right technician and buy quality materials. Otherwise, it would be putting yourself and family at risk of electrocution. Faulty wiring could lead to a fire, and this is enough reason to make you look for the right electrician whenever you want some wiring work completed. You might wonder what qualifies one to be a perfect candidate for your project, but getting an electrician who is qualified is not difficult if you focus on the key points that make a professional and skilled electrician.

Here are few pointers to help you find a qualified electrician:


Of course, the first step is to ask for any qualifications and certifications that will show the individual underwent some kind of training. There are different types of qualifications you may consider to gauge the suitability of an electrician to work on your wiring needs.

Master electrician

This is an electrician who has successfully completed and passed a standardized test and has not less than two years of experience. He, therefore, understands the National Electrical Code or any modifications that might have been made by your state. His qualification allows him to plan, install, design, and maintain an electrical system. This is a perfect candidate if you want professional work done to address your wiring needs.

Journeyman electrician

On the other hand, a journeyman electrician does not possess any master’s license, but he is still licensed to work as an electrician by the state. In some states, this category of electricians are required for a specified period of time to work under master electricians to gain vital skills. When you are out looking for a qualified electrician. These two categories will do a decent job.

qualified electrician

You might also consider permits issued by your state to operate as an electrician. You only need to work with experts who are certified to serve in your area. This is especially important as it helps in the case where you have to pursue legal action against the individual, it makes your work easier.

Finding the most suitable electrician

Besides considering the points mentioned above, you might pick the quickest route for hiring an electrician. This includes getting referrals from friends who in the past had their wiring problems fixed by an electrician. They most likely will refer you to the expert based on the quality of the service they were able to receive. It is a quick method of searching for an electrician and also helps you to know the work history of the expert before you assign him some work on your site.

Also contact contractors in your areas as most of them keep a short list of electricians they know who are qualified to do wiring tasks. Your local home builders’ association could be a good directory when you want to hire an electrician who is already vetted and qualified.

Hiring the right electrician is an important step that helps you to avoid unnecessary losses that might arise due to faulty wiring and shoddy work. You can easily get an electrician in your area by contacting local builders’ associations and contractors as they have a list of qualified professionals who can help you with your electrical problems.

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