5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your City Dwelling

December 27, 2017

As the temperature drops, many of us begrudgingly head indoors. The idea of grassless grounds, trees that have shed their leaves, and the lack of warm sun rays can get you down. But, it doesn’t have to.

Even if you live in the city, you can bring some much-loved natural items into your apartment that will warm the heart and give you a snug and calming escape from winter. Below you will find some easy tips that will help you accomplish this indoor oasis.

Neutrals and Natural

Your overall theme is nature. But you must have some base colors. You cannot go wrong with neutrals. This creates a blank slate that can be brought to life with greenery and various patterns. If you choose to decorate for the holidays, your decorations will fit perfectly.

For furniture, think organic. This includes wood, wicker, and bamboo. Fabrics include linen, wood, jute, cotton, muslin, and leather. If you use natural wood tables, place them so they will be the focal point of the room.


When you have limited space, you can hang pictures of lush, green fields, flowers, or framed leaves. Or, you can make the wall your decor. Create a freestanding wall garden. A cute idea is to use a cosmetic organizer. You can attach it to the wall with stick-on hooks. Cut a few small holes in the bottom of each pocket. Fill the pocket ⅔ full with potting soil, add the seeds for your herbs from Seed Needs. You can place suction hooks on the shower wall of your bathroom. When your herbs need water, simply move the organizer to the shower and water the plants.


Nothing can bring nature into your apartment better than sunlight. Cover windows with lightweight sheers. Use a pattern of plants or wildflowers. The sun will shine through the shears giving the room a wonderful ambiance. You can place blinds behind the sheets which can be lowered for privacy.

Track lights arranged to shine on various plants. Bring the feel of a greenhouse. Use pretty pots of ceramic, copper, or terra cotta.


The smell of spring stirs something in us. The same sensation can be had when your apartment home is filled with light and natural scents. Essential oils are perfect to bring the scents to you. Learn what each fragrance inspires. For example, lavender is relaxing and calming. Woody scents are perfect for the holiday season and a festive state of mind.


When the weather cooperates, cracking a window allows you to hear the sounds of nature. But when the windows must remain closed, you can still enjoy the sounds. There are many apps that have the sounds of wind, rain, birds, crickets, and others. If waterfalls help you relax, place a tabletop fountain in the room.

As you can see, it is not difficult to enjoy your city home through all seasons. Your home should be your oasis, which brings you peace and happiness. So make a few changes and bring the beauty of nature into your life.

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