December 21, 2017

If you are planning on buying a leather sofa for your living room, then you should definitely read this article. You see, buying furniture, especially a leather sofa is not as easy as walking into a home décor shop and getting the most expensive piece. A lot of considerations should be thought through. To help you with this, here are 5 tips on purchasing a leather sofa brought to you by our dear friends at McKinley Leather Furniture.

  1. Types of leather

First of all, there are many types of leather, as we all know that leather comes from the hide or the skin of our beloved animals. Thus, sources of leather are limited and in fact, they are decreasing day by day. Because of this, lots of manufacturers have begun researching and developing “leather” products that will aim to give the legitimate leather feel.

  •    Full-leather

The most expensive and most natural leather of all the types of leather is called a full-leather. A full-leather is formed by just simply removing the hair from the skin of the hide of the animal where the leather came from. Thus, the original prints, texture, and patterns of the hide will be 100% original. If you plan on getting a top-quality leather sofa, then choose a sofa that is made from full-leather.

  •    Top-grain leather

Coming close to the full-leather is the top-grain leather. Top-grain leather or also known as corrected leather are formed by re-buffing the outer layers of an animal hide in order to make it stronger, smoother and more long-lasting. Some people prefer top-grain leather than full-leather as it has the similar original feel along with better lifespan. Although, you know what they say, “nothing beats the original”.

  •   Faux/Bonded/Split leather

While these 3 types of leather are somewhat different, they all share the same common factor – they are fake leather, made from synthetic materials and rubber coatings. At most these types of leather can have up to 10% of pure leather materials. Thus, they will be naturally cheaper and less durable compared to the other two.

  1. Frame

The next tip to buying a leather sofa is to know the frame type of the leather sofa. Basically, we advise you to buy leather sofas that have solid dry wood as their frames as they don’t absorb moisture and can support heavy weights.

  1. Suspension

The suspension is the one responsible for the comfort of your leather sofa. They are the spring and coils below the cushion that will absorb the weight or impact as you sit. Ideal suspension ranges from 4 coils – 8 coils depending on the size of the sofa.

  1. Design

And of course you will also have to consider the design of the leather sofa that you will buy. Yes, just by being a leather sofa makes it an impressive and looker furniture, but, with how competitive manufacturers are today, you will be shocked by how colorful and elegant some leather sofa designs are. So take your time and choose the one that will suit your preferences.

  1. Warranty

Last but not the least, always ensure that you have a security for your leather sofa in the form of a warranty. No matter how high the reputation of a particular brand is, there will always be chances of minor mistakes in the manufacturing process. And a warranty will only be your protection to ensure that you will get a new product or refund your money.

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