Tips for Buying Perfect Wall Lights

December 4, 2017

Wall lights are a good classic solution used worldwide. Considering outstanding variety of today’s lighting fixtures it is possible to find the best option for any style and for any interior. It does not matter what you idea is, wall lighting can certainly become an integral part of it.

The first recommendation I have sounds pretty obvious, however some people neglect it – choose both practical and good-looking wall lights. There is no sense in purchasing stylish decoration if it is useless from the practical point, is it? If you need ambient light – select translucent lamps, but if you want wall light to be accentuated and focused – it’s worth choosing wall sconces or something similar.

One of my favorite companies – Regenbogen wall lights has the range that includes everything that an interior designer might need for a project.  The easiest way to check if fixtures suit your room is to watch them mounted at the height of 5 feet – it is a rule of thumb for home decoration. If the fixtures look fine at the eye-level height then you can opt for these with an easy mind.

Sometimes it happens that people want wall lights be as focused as, for instance, Regenbogen table lamps . In this case just pair the lamps and you will get what you want. It is a fact that a wall fixture cannot provide as focused light as a table lamp can, but if you mount two such fixtures close to each other the result will be much better.

There is another great rule to know about wall lighting. If you have a long hallway and want it to be lit evenly you need to place fixtures with 8-10 feet interval.

If there is a specific part of the interior you’d like to emphasize it would be smart to put one wall fixture in a non-standard way – lower or higher than others – to accentuate that interior feature.

Finally, feel free to opt for wall lighting instead of bed lamps – it will save some space. What’s more, wall fixtures do not require bedside tables which can also eat the space of a small bedroom.

Wall fixtures look nice together with floor lighting and pendants – designers often put these together. So feel free to experiment with your interior lighting as much as you like.

Turn your bedroom, living room and kitchen into a masterpiece of interior design with Regenbogen light fixtures! We have absolutely everything to light up your home!


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