Guide on How to Decorate Your Patio This Fall

October 5, 2017

It is again the time of year when the seasons start changing. The weather cools down and leaves start to turn colour. Fall is in the air, which means that you get to redecorate for the new season! Fall means that you can experiment with warm colours that match the brilliant leaves in the trees. Redecorating your patio for fall is especially important because it is the place where you will be entertaining, and the area that is visible to the general public. Having it look nice for the fall should be the next step on your list of to-dos! We have a short guide on decorating tips, so hopefully they will be helpful to you!

Incorporate Halloween

Halloween is a major consideration when thinking about the fall. Why not use some items to incorporate Halloween on your patio? You could get some decorative lanterns and fill them with mini pumpkins and pinecones. That is a good way of including the holiday without going overboard. Another thing that you could do is work with the festive colours. If you have outdoor furniture, you could think about repainting it. Paint the bench white, black or even orange. Then you could pick up some throw pillows that go along with the colour scheme. Bales of hay are another good idea. They represent the spirit of Halloween, and they provide extra seating!

Clean Up the Rest of the Yard

Having a beautiful patio that is ready for the fall will be meaningless if the messy yard is too distracting. Put away the outdoor equipment that will not be used again until the spring. Also make sure that the grass is trimmed and presentable. Many people stop cutting their grass in the fall because they do not think it will grow very high with the cooler temperatures. However, fall can still have warm days, and the grass will still need to be trimmed. Check out Backyard Boss   if you are in the market for a new lawn mower this fall.

Change the Seating Arrangement

During the fall, a lot of conversations happen out on the patio. If you have an outdoor fireplace, this will be perfect for your guests to sit around. Arrange the chairs and benches in a circle around the fireplace. Make sure that everyone will be nice and warm when they sit outside on your patio. Those fall evenings will be a favourite of your friends and neighbors who will come by for a chat on your patio. Seeing as it is a new season, it might not be a bad idea to look into some new furniture as well. Styles change every season, so it is good to keep up with what the new fads are. Of course, you do not have to buy it, but staying knowledge about the latest trends can come in handy when you are looking to buy.

Add Flowers

Flowers are not just for the spring and summertime! There are many different flowers that will thrive in the fall, and some of these are even orange to match your pumpkins. The Chinese Bellflower is a beautiful plant that grow well during the fall. Their buds will puff until they pop and reveal the bell-shape that hides within. If your summer flowers have wilted and stopped blooming, do not keep them out on the patio. It will take away from the rest of the look. Do not mourn them, for you will have the opportunity to plant new ones after the winter! Plus now, you will have new, autumn flowers to admire and care for.   

Add a Swing

If your patio is large enough, it might benefit from installing a hanging swing. During the fall, people enjoy sitting outside and admiring the beautiful colours that are all around. If you have trees in your yard or neighbourhood, you will probably want to spend a fair amount of time outdoors. Having a swing is a comfortable way to do so. Adding some pillows and blankets to the swing is a good way to stay comfortable and warm outdoors.


Decorating your patio for the fall can be exciting and a lot of fun! This is giving you the opportunity to do away with the aspects of your patio that have been bothering you all summer. A little change never hurt anyone, right? Decorating for fall means changing the colour scheme, the furniture, the décor and the appearance of the rest of the yard. You have the creative freedom to do whatever it is that you want with your patio. In the end, it is going to look fantastic because you put the time and effort into it. Your patio will definitely be the envy of all your neighbors!


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