Make Your DIY Woodworking Projects Stand Out

September 5, 2017

Every DIY-er out there knows that wood is one of the most versatile materials to work with. You can get a lot done when you can craft wood to your vision, but that begs the question, how do you improve your woodworking skills so that your projects have the pop you want once they’re completed?

woodworking projects

As the Renaissance Woodworker aptly stated, “Woodworking isn’t rocket science.” It turns out there are a few simple ways you can boost your efficiency, provided you’ve got the desire to get better and the capacity to shift your attitude. Let’s go over what you can start doing today to improve.

woodworking projects

Have The Right Attitude

It all starts with having the right approach to any kind of DIY work. If you’re constantly doubting your abilities, you’re undermining your capacity to do well. If there are facets you need to improve upon, certainly acknowledge that and work to get better, but start by ditching any negative feelings you might be harboring about your past work.

Secondly, go into any project thinking, “Yes, I will be able to pull this off.” A funny thing tends to happen: when you believe in yourself, results generally follow. Extend this positive thinking and you’ll notice that you’ll be motivated to complete whatever you want to accomplish.

Practice Your Craft

Begin by reinforcing the rudiments of working with wood. MUO actually has a pretty good write up of these, titled “Beginner’s Woodworking: 5 SKills You Need To Know” in which they delve into what they see as the “5 most important beginner woodworking skills.”

It’s a pretty good list, covering the art of drilling holes, cutting, choosing and using screws, sanding, and painting. Once you have a firm grasp of these basics, you’re ready to start applying them in a way that will improve your abilities.

woodworking projects

We’ve got plenty of inventive DIY projects here that you can try your hand at, or you might also go with a few old school favorites to see if you can branch out into creating something timeless. Popular Mechanics has a good list, with some cute favorites like a DIY checkerboard, a cozy table for two, and an old-school child’s wagon.

woodworking projects

Remember, the more you practice your woodworking, the better it will become. As you tackle different projects, you’ll also build another key skill that will make everything you do turn out better…

Learn To Identify Mistakes

Now, this isn’t to say you should pick out dwell on any mistakes that you make while crafting something. Rather, you should get in the habit of identifying things that you may have done wrong and then work to fix them, which is the most important part. Everyone is prone to making errors. The ability that separates good woodwork from an average one is knowing how to find and correct those small mistakes.

Give Yourself The Right Tools For The Job

Lastly, you want to give yourself an edge by making sure you have a good workspace that’s stocked with the right tools. Start by making sure the space you’re using is well lit with proper overhead lighting, clean and free of clutter, and organized in a way that you can find everything you need quickly.

Next, make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to complete a particular project and that they’re of good quality. If you’re going to be doing lots of cutting, for instance, you might want to invest in a solid table saw. There are plenty of choices out there, and, as an example, you can read much more about Laguna Tools Fusion table saw and similar varieties.

Keeping the right tools on hand will allow you to produce items of better quality faster, and will keep you progressing toward your goal of DIY greatness day after day.

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