Four Ways to Improve the Value of Your Garage

July 17, 2017

Garages – they’re booming in the USA. America is now building more three-car garages than one bedroom apartments according to Bloomberg, with 24 per cent of new homes now coming with a garage.


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While 85 per cent of households own a car, many don’t take full advantage of their garage, opting to leave their cars in the drive instead. With this being the case, while most won’t look at a house without a garage, they won’t necessarily turn away if it serves another purpose.

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Sadly, few Americans take advantage of this space and the potential value that it offers. Here are four ways you can improve the value of your garage – and your home.

  • Keep up maintenance

As previously mentioned, many people don’t use their garage for storing cars. What this means is that it either becomes a habitable place – such as a second living room, or a games room – or it’s filled with junk. Don’t let your garage become a tip – it serves no purpose, nor does it add any value. At the very least you need to keep it maintained. Paint the walls, clear any mold or improve the longevity of surface with a granite garage floor. By keeping your garage fresh and clean you already improve the value of your home – even at the very least, you’ll ensure your home is easier to sell.

  • Extend the size of your garage

Again, according to the Bloomberg piece, most homes are now opting for three-car garages, so if yours is smaller, it may be time to extend. With families – especially those with older children – having three cars, the extra space will be necessary if they’re looking to store cars. Otherwise, a garage extension might be a cheaper way to increase the size of your home, due to less brickwork involved, which is especially useful if you use it as a habitable space.  

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  • Insulate

If you use your garage as a bar or a games room, then you’ll know it’ll get awfully cold in the winter time. Insulated garages hold more value because, amazingly, they hold more heat. Another benefit to insulating is that you save money on energy bills, as the structure retains more heat during the colder periods. Any potential buyer is going to appreciate this, so insulating might well be the way to go to help sell your home.

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  • Cabinet Systems

Whenever you think of the quintessential garage images of tools hanging all over the walls are conjured. Garages are in essence workshops for your car, alongside a great storage space for tools and equipment.

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But who is to say that garages have to be disorganized chaos? With a handy cabinet system, you can store all your tools away nicely – ensuring they stay safe, clean and last longer. Cabinet systems are also handy for those looking for extra food storage space, with many coming with the potential to integrate a fridge-freezer or sink. Extra storage space is always sought after, very much improving the value of your home.

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