How to Furnish Your First Home in Style?

July 6, 2017

Few things in life are considered to be intimidating, for example, decorating and furnishing your first home. When you are surrounded with so many options and so many brains to apply, then this process of taking the decision becomes even tougher.

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The following steps mentioned can help you to navigate through the difficult process of decorating your first home for the first time. Have a look at them and then decide yourself!

Move#1: Sketch Out A Rough Budget

While you are at a preliminary stage of your first home furnishing, you need to sketch out a rough budget for your wish list. Not only making a budget list is as important as sticking to the same.

This would help you to figure out the amount of money to be spent in the process. If you think that you won’t be able to decorate the whole room at one go, then decide the place which is of utmost importance to you and go for it.


Move#2: Start with Neutral Colour Palette

Painting the house is perhaps the easiest, affordable and the best technique to bring back the life to the room. It is always said that a picture is worth of thousand words. In the same way, the flavour of the room palette decides your mood, your temperament, and your attitude.

Move#3: Invest with the Right Furniture Pieces

Don’t go for the fussy type of the furniture available in the market. A sofa would stay for a longer time. So whenever you are going to buy and invest in the right furniture pieces, then don’t get disheartened by looking at the cost of the same. If you are not thinking to break your bank or hurt your wallet, then the best thing is to grab FREE Delivery Code so that you get a better bargain for the same purchase.

Move#4: Combine Something New with Old Structures

Don’t insist on going for everything new. If you do so, you will end up getting additional bills for the purpose. You can step in an antique store, or flea markets or any other auctions and try your hand on few accessories that are not so costly yet look attractive and exquisite.

Instead of the lamp shade, you can also try for some 18-century lantern which doesn’t cost much.

Move#5: Little Detail, Bigger Impact

When you are planning to make the updates in your home, it is the smaller things that matter the most. You need to focus on the minute details like lighting switches and fixtures, placement of the kitchen appliances and furniture, and cabinet handles.

If you emphasize on these details, then not only it would help you to get a personalised look, but it will also help to increase the available space in your house.

Move#6: Friday is Move Your Furniture Day

Friday should be the “Move Your Furniture” Day. Not every Friday but twice in every month is definitely allowed. The reason is simple! After the furnishing of your first house, you would need rest. So Saturday and Sunday is the time to rest and relax.

Move#7: Live with as little as you can

Don’t insist on buying everything at one lot. First, try to locate the areas that require immediate maintenance and attention. Instead of selecting every pillow and vase you see, go for the things that you have been eyeing for years together.

At last, RELAX! You bought your own house for the first time. So it is the time to enjoy it. The best idea of buying your own abode is the provision of the unlimited freedom, so appreciate this freedom and rejoice with it.


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