How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro

April 13, 2017

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So excited to read review of my book on one of my favorite interiors blog The Studio M Designs. Minol, the owner of the business is a professional decorator and home stager and in this post today I want to talk about tricks that decorators use to make it look classy and stylish.

When decorating your home, there is a bevy of choices available. Where do I begin? We do not have enough space here to cover every feasible option. So, let’s go over a couple of areas that can set your home apart.


We all have either owned, or been in the home of someone who owns, a cheap rug. The corners flare up and the material curls and shreds. What is saved in money is quickly lost in quality. Ask any person who has tripped and fallen over a cheap rug, they will be quick to tell you how they wish they had gone with quality.

A handmade decorative rug, strategically placed for aesthetics and comfort, can turn a room from nice to elegant. No longer will it be necessary to replace that rug every year or so. Handmade rugs, in some cases, have lasted well over a hundred years or more.

According to David and Malcolm Samad, the brothers responsible for the creation of Samad Rugs, each handmade rug has a unique personality and charm. This art, crafting rugs by hand, is a tradition that is passed down through the generations.


Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale is a well-respected interior designer, and she has offered 3 tips for choosing the right decorative mirror for your home. The 3 areas of interest she offers are size, shape, and style.

One suggestion that is not commonly mentioned is to allow at least 1 foot above and below where you will be placing the mirror.

The shape of the mirror will dictate it’s placing. A round or rectangular mirror typically is best centered, while many of the alternative styles and shapes look great when mounted at the top of a mantel.

Another often overlooked aspect of choosing a mirror is the way it is decorated. By going with a minimalistic approach, a mirror without ornaments, the more it will complement the room where it hangs.

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Have you ever gone shopping and saw a lamp that you just had to have but had no idea what room it would best be used in?

Too often consumers set out for a day of shopping for household furnishings and do not plan accordingly. Light fixtures should be a case by case, room by room decision.

For example, the entryway should be lighted in an inviting way. This is where the mood is set as you, or your guests, enter the home.

Most living rooms serve multiple functions. It is where we entertain guests, and often come to relax after an exhausting day at work. Flexibility is the key to lighting your living room. Do you have a dimmer switch in place? This can assist you in setting the appropriate mood for the occasion.

The 3 areas covered should provide you with some creative ideas for decorating your home. What each of us has in our favor is that our home is a place where we can let our character shine through. It is where you can be you.

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