Things You Must Know if You Aspire to Become an Interior Designer

March 2, 2017

Do you love decorating your room? Do people keep complimenting you for your décor? If all of these apply to you, then you can definitely take up a career in interior designing. With more and more people becoming highly conscious about the way they decorate their homes, the demand for good interior designers have gone up.

Though this career might seem very appealing, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to create a name for yourself. Before taking a life-altering step of choosing this as your career, make sure you know about these aspects of the profession.

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Decorating vs. Designing

Decorating and designing are completely different ball games. Though they are interlinked with the same industry, an interior designer needs to have a more integrated knowledge about the industry. Education is what sets apart a designer from a decorator. The responsibilities of a designer are much higher and more comprehensive.

It is more than just fabric and fun

According to many people, interior designing generally means having fun with fabric. But the role of a designer involves different aspect, from decorating the place to choosing the architectural arrangements. They need to have knowledge about art of designing and use it to create a complete look.

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You need to have basic designing skills

Talent is a very important part of this career. You need to have some good ideas about designing if you want to get into this career. You need to be educated about the integrity and ethics but the main creativity should come from within.

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Being a people person is a must

Any interior designer needs to have this specific trait. You will be dealing with a lot of clients and your personality will be the thing that draws them to you. Being social will also help you to get more contacts and thus new clients.

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Competition is very high

The competition in the industry is very high. Though there is a high demand for such professionals, yet you need to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward if you want to sustain in this competition.

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You need to create a portfolio

Since a picture paints a thousand words, it is very important for any professional to develop a portfolio that will showcase your work. With the help of the proper portfolio, you will be able to penetrate the market much more easily. Your portfolio should be a testament of your effort and creativity.

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The salary is not as high as expected

Most people assume that the salary of an interior designer is very high but the sad truth is only experience pays. Not all designers get a high salary.

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Know the local rules and laws

It is very important to know all the local laws and rules before you delve into this career. This will also help you to get a good idea about the ethics of the profession.

Most importantly, always remember that it is always about the client’s style and what they want!

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