What are the Latest Trends in Hotel Interior Design?

September 6, 2016

Trends come and go, but they become all the rage in the period they prevail. Even the hospitality industry is not spared from the effect of trends. Nowadays, hotels are designed in a way to make them open to rapid social changes. These days have also seen some of the striking interior design patterns and designs to influence today’s hospitality scene. Hotel owners are working on transforming accommodation units into the avenues of escapes by rethinking guestroom configurations and indulging the guests in highly personalized experiences. This is something what the trend demands them to do. Read on to find out some of the trends in hotel interior design.


  1. Lobbies refuse to be JUST lobbies: Lobbies have turned into multi-purpose spaces. They have become the area that summarizes the interiors of a hotel in the best manner. From making the first impression of the hotel to making social encounters happen, lobbies have been very useful from all perspectives. Now the trend wants the hotel owners to design lobbies in such a way that this area succeeds in serving multiple purposes such as initiating casual and formal talks, providing ports for plugging in various devices, working on laptops, having the most comfortable hospitality furniture that lets the visitors and guests recline or sit snugly in, etc. This is something which cannot be met by a simple sofa-coffee table arrangement. Lobbies have to be supported by a creative space segmentation theme that offers both intimate and social zones along with the whole set of furniture delivering functionality and comfort.

hotel lobby

  1. Reconsidering guestroom configurations: Today’s hotel rooms are more than being about the classic bed-table-cupboard combination. For business travellers, nothing could work better than a hotel room with a section that is conducive to official work. For aesthetes, the room that has every feature creatively added and that altogether stands high on aesthetic value would make the best cut. Apart from considering people with specific interests, hotel rooms should be developed with some of the trending key ingredients such as highlighted TV panels, extra sofa next to bed, proper imaginative illumination, etc. Sometimes, guests who love to experience unique accommodation would be very thrilled to find colour explosions and eclectic décor ideas seeped into the guestrooms.

business hotel

  1. Bathrooms that afford a spa-like feel: Bathrooms have risen from the status of being auxiliary rooms to the most important rooms that can make or break the image of a guestroom. Tourists have greater expectations from hotel bathrooms than what they have from the bathroom in their homes. Hence, a resort bathroom should have spa-like features that promise them a complete indulgence in relaxation and ephemeral luxury. Ensuite bathrooms, over-sized bathtubs, waterfall showers, sinks with different purposes to serve people from different demographic, beauty items, plenty of space, aromatic and trance-like feel are some of the opted choices and elements for bathrooms.


  1. Having a more of destination-like quality: Modern hotels are looked to for offering everything that a destination is capable of. They are no more just an accommodation option. With practicability, hotels are offering a lot more to make guests love to spend time in confines and exploring inside the premises. Hotels of today are transformed into memorable spaces through design. Designers and architectures are pushing imagination to new heights and making the accommodation a destination in itself.


  1. Fading of indoor-outdoor boundaries: There is no match to hotels that provide a wonderful sensory experience. Hotels need to have an indoor to outdoor transition in an ethereal sort of way. To make it a reality, many a hotel owners prefer to expand the guestrooms through large decks and terraces. Most of the times, nature or its elements like wood, stone, greenery, water, etc. are incorporated into the room in a way that accents the overall beauty of the spaces.


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