Luxury Furniture: 10 Gorgeous Dining Chairs

July 25, 2016

When it comes to decorating a dining room, you should pay attention not only to aesthetics but to quality of furniture. Dining chairs are usually used on a daily basis: if they are made of poor materials they will not last long. On the contrary, luxury furniture could be a good investment: expensive chairs will not only please your eye but will contribute to an amazing dining experience.

In this post, I have picked some great dining chairs from well-known luxury furniture brands from all over the world.

Take a look at my selection, and if you like…. share it!

Andorinha dining chair by Louis Kazan

One of my favorite furniture brands from Brazil makes these amazing Andorinha chairs. The leather of exceptional quality and rare woods from Amazon make these chairs one and only. They will definitely add some exotic Sudamerican charm to your house.


Maritime chair by Christian Liaigre

The name of Christian Liaigre doesn’t need a presentation in the world of luxury furniture. This Maritime chair could be made of oak or walnut and has textured cast Bronze lattice panel on the back.


Chair Paris by Hugues Chevalier

Paris chair by Hugues Chevalier looks quite simple at a first glance, but for me, it symbolizes pure elegance and Parisian chic.


Gilda Chair by Edra

This chair designed by Jacopo Foggini is rather an artwork than a simple piece of furniture. Each chair is a unique sculpture and no second alike exists. It is shaped by hand and has all those “dust and imperfections” that make them one of a kind. Warm amber tones of transparent crystal and liquid shape create a sense of movement.

Gilda B.(0)

Cote d’Azur Chair by Christopher Guy

This chair has a signature and very recognizable X- cross at the back. Curved and fluid forms make this piece very feminine and delicate.


Larzia chair by Trussardi

This chair on the contrary is very masculine and classic. I love the unusual shape of armrests made of  leather. Dark wood looks time-honored and refined.

TR Larzia chairs

Cornelius chair by Heritage collection

Heritage collection is another famous brand of luxury furniture. Although this chair looks quite simple at first glance, the incredible detailing and unusual materials make it very memorable and unique.


Audrey Chair by Fendi Casa

The shape of Audrey chair by Fendi case resembles flower petals. Very graceful and tender.

FF Audrey chair

Moèca Chair by Rubelli 

I love how beautiful texture of the wood is highlighted here by unusual shape of back. It looks a bit rustic and I would imagine it in a lovely chalet or countryside house.


Laurel Chair by Kelly Wearstler 

Kelly Wearstler is always provocative and fearless. Love these chairs for their quirky shape and fancy upholstery.


What do you think of these picks? looking forward for your comments!

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