5 Key Advantages of Scandinavian Style

June 27, 2016

If you are looking to redecorate and refresh your home, you are probably considering what style to go for. Do you pick a recent trend or something that is well established? Well, why not consider going for the ever popular Scandinavian style. Started in the 1950’s and based on egalitarian principles, you should check out our list below, to be sure that Scandinavian style is right for you.

Scandinavian style

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Clean and modern

Scandinavian style is known for its clean simplicity and modern approach. This is one of its primary advantages because it is both stylish and practical. A simple, modern look is easy to maintain and keep clean. This look also provides an uncluttered environment which is both relaxing and calming for the resident.

Scandinavian style

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Spacious look


One of the best things about Scandinavian furniture, that it has beautiful, clean lines. Using this type of furniture in your home can make even a small living room look a lot bigger. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture can be enough to provide all the comforts you need, while not overcrowding or cluttering a room. Team this with the neutral colour scheme Scandinavian style is so well known for, and you can make your home seem lighter and brighter.

Scandinavian style


As Scandinavian style is founded on practical principles, it can be a cost effective option.  The designers behind this movement wanted quality furniture to be available to people in all walks of life, not just the wealthy and famous. Consequently, there is a huge range of items you can choose from at a range of different price points. This makes getting the Scandi look easy for everyone as it is entirely possible to get this stylish modern look for a reasonable price.

Scandinavian style


Another key benefit of the Scandinavian style is that it takes into account the need for storage and organisation. It Is very important in our modern day lives that we provide enough storage for our families possessions. If we have more stuff that storage things can become cluttered, claustrophobic and disorganised when all of our stuff is on show all the time. It’s much better to pick a select few choice items to be on show than have everything all over the place. There are plenty of smart Scandinavian furniture options, designed with this in mind, so you can keep things tucked away and out of sight.

Scandinavian style


Lastly, an extra boon of Scandinavian style is the primarily neutral colour palette it is known for.  Working with a neutral colour palette in home decor is easy and can be suitable for any room in your house. Combining this with the fact that much of the furniture comes in wood tones as well, means that it can be moved from room to room, depending on your need for it. The same versatility is seen in Scandinavian style home decorations and accessories.  Most items are not room specific, so it’s easy to create a relaxed eclectic look by mixing and matching the pieces as the mood takes you.

Scandinavian style

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