4 Affordable Bedroom Fixtures That Will Improve Design And Sleep

May 11, 2016

This article is created by Bedding Stock, an online retailer of memory foam mattress in the USA.

As our abode, we love our house just as our family. Its design and items reflect us, the people living inside. At the heart of our home is our haven and sanctuary, the bedroom.


The bedroom should be the most cherished and intimate part of the house. About a third of our lives is spent in hibernation in this place. This area is a witness to our most intimate and personal moments. Moreover, this is the place where we submit ourselves to sleep.


To achieve quality sleep, we need more things besides our beds to accomplish that. Yes, we need the  most comfortable mattress  such as the memory foam type. But for sensitive sleepers, this is often not enough. They still need other things that help you induce sleep. Some of them are not only helpful to sleep, but they also contribute aesthetically. Here are some of them:

Fiery lava lamps

Aside from being an eye candy, lava lamps help us doze. Watching the gradual rising and falling of colorful bubbles create a hypnotizing effect. This item relaxes our mind and calms our senses. Turn this on in a dark room and immerse in an out of the world experience.

lava lamps

Aromatherapy vaporizer or diffuser

The sense of smell is powerful in evoking positive or negative emotions. Aromatherapy vaporizer or diffusers give out scents that trigger certain feelings that can benefit our health.  Some scents can relieve depression, ease anger, or boost confidence. It can also help us in calming anxiety and manage stress, which are good sleep inducers.

oil diffuser

Aromatherapy vaporizer / Photo by

Serenity or Zen indoor fountains

The sound of cascading and flowing water brings excellent benefits to calm the mind and prepare it to sound sleep. This relaxing sound also blocks or diffuses irritating outside noise, making it a perfect natural white noise. Rushing water also releases negative ions, which improves air quality.   

indoor fountain

Potted plants/bonsais

Small potted plants give aesthetic as well as health-boosting and sleep-inducing qualities that make them good item in any bedroom. Some plants such as jasmine and lavender supply natural scents that relieve stress and prompt relaxation. Others act as air purifiers (e.g. aloe vera) or insect repellants (e.g. eucalyptus).


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