Mid-Century Modern Home in Australia with Ethnic Touch

September 14, 2015

Good morning, everyone and Happy Monday!

Yes, another week has started and I hope it will be productive and prosperous for you.

I just turned 31 last Friday – surprisingly not feeling any depression, which I thought I might face entering my thirties )). Instead, I think it is a beautiful age and I never felt myself more motivated and inspired to move forward! I wish the same for you – never stop, keep moving and don’t look back, go forward!

In today’s post I want to share with you this beautiful house in Australia. Amazing photography is by Hilary Walker. You might want to check her full portfolio – so it’s here.  Everything in this home is made the way I like – mid-century modern furniture, lots of natural materials such as wood and stone, and various accessories in ethnic and bohemian style. mid century modern 1 mid century modern 3 mid century modern 4 mid century modern 5 mid century modern 6 mid century modern 7 mid century modern 8 mid century modern 9Images source

By the way, entering my thirties I decided to seriously start caring about my health. The first thing I want to do is to reduce the amount of coffee I consume. Usually I need two large cups to wake me up and feel somewhat productive (my blood pressure is very low). Can anyone give me hints on how to do it? Maybe there is a good substitute which is more healthy? I am also curious

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