10 Beautiful Podium Beds

July 27, 2015

Yesterday I visited my friend who has recently renovated her apartment. One of the idea that I really liked that she has implemented is an amazing podium bed in her bedroom, which looks like this:

podium bed

Sorry for the quality of the picture taken on my phone, I am definitely planning to make more on my professional camera and share them with you on this blog another day. In the meantime I have collected today ideas of podium beds that I find beautiful and creative.

One of the great things about podium beds is that they can be customized according to your space size and your needs so you can be sure that nobody will have the same bed as you. Another advantage: professional builder will make such bed not only beautiful but also functional: imagine how much storage space you can create in that podium!

And the third pro is that podium beds are usually made of natural wood, meaning you won’t have to sleep on plastic or any other artificial material, which will definitely benefit your sleeping experience.

podium bed 2

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