Essential Colour: Navy Blue. Decorating Tips and Tricks

July 5, 2015

Good morning, friends!
I am working on renovating two bedroom apartment in Moscow and one of the ideas that I want to suggest to the clients is to use navy blue as a feature wall in the living room. So today I wanted to talk a little bit about this mesmerizing and rich colour, which can drastically transform the look of the space, add coziness, sophistication and glamour.

dark blue

People who love blue colour are usually trustworthy and looking confident in themselves (although inside they can be quite vulnerable). They always seek for harmony and peace. They are quite conservative and quite reliable.

Dark blue is associated with sky at night and fathomless ocean. Hence when you use it for decorating, it brings enigma and tranquility of these nature elements to your home.

dark blue decor

Dark blue is very powerful and intense colour, so you need to be very careful when you use it in large quantities. This hue loves lots of natural light, so it is best to use it in the space facing south or south-east or south-west. In dark rooms, this colour might look too gloomy and oppressive.

dark blue bedroom

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Dark blue is perfect for decorating small spaces: the boundaries of the room are visually melted and you don’t understand the actual size of a room. Such interiors will look very cozy and intimate.

dark blue decor

For decorating small spaces such as entryway dark blue might be one of the best options:

dark blue entrance

Image source

Dark blue loves the neighborhood with crispy white and warm woods, which pull the excessive chill:

dark blue

Many people believe that blue is able to suppress appetite and that it is not recommended to use it in the kitchen. However, this statement is nothing more than myth, which was never scientifically proven. Navy blue will be a wonderful option for the kitchen, making it look sophisticated and chic.

navy blue kitchen

What do you think of navy blue? Do you like this colour and would you fancy to use it in your own home?

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July 5, 2015 at 9:34 am

I hope your clients are convinced now !


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