7 Simple Ideas to Organize the Entryway

December 28, 2014

Good morning, friends! I hope you are all having a relaxing holiday! In the meantime, in Moscow we are still getting ready to celebrate: our Orthodox Christmas will be on 7 January. Today I am visiting Winter Bazaar and flea market: the program sounds very exciting with many interesting products on sale, jazz band performance and various entertainment activities.

Another thing planned for today (not so exciting though) is to get our home clean and tidy for holidays. As usually I will start with decluttering the entryway. Why entryway? Well, it’s the first place our guests will see and form their first impression about our apartment. As many other homes our entryway is pretty small and therefore, it often looks quite messy because of a lack of storage space. So, in this post I have collected 7 simple ideas on how to solve this problem.

1. Organize small items

Entryways often get cluttered with little things, such as keys, coins, gloves, invoices, letters, etc. Usually I just put all this stuff on a shelf… Now I am planning to designate a beautiful box or a nice willow basket for these items.


2. Storage for shoes

There are so many shoes in every home, that they might occupy the whole floor at the entrance area. Well designed shoe organizers or shoe racks do not take lots of space, but will allow to keep your entrance neat and tidy. Of course, you won’t put grimy shoes inside them, so think of setting a boot tray next to the front door. Instead of buying a ready cabinet, you might want to go a DIY-route: for a thrifty storage solution, stack several old crates next to each other:


3. Hang time

Hooks are perfect for organizing hats and another grab-and-go items, such as scarves, bags and leashes. Make sure you have enough of them and that they correspond with other entryway decor:


4. On a display

If you like fearless boho-style looks, consider installing a clothing rack instead of a usual closet. It will be a good money-saving solution for your pocket as well:




5. Hide it all

Some people don’t like their personal belongings to be on a public display or just prefer a cleaner, decluttered look. If you are among them, consider hiding your storage behind long curtains: they look more intriguing and unusual comparing to ordinary built-in wardrobes:


6. Use upper space

The overhead space is often neglected, hence wasted, yet it can be successfully used to maximize your storage. Consider incorporating handy overhead cabinets or shelves. They also can be used to put some beautiful items on a display and make the whole area more attractive:


 7. Utilize the “dead” corners

If the entryway area is extremely small, the best solution to maximize the use of space will be to install a corner cabinet:



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