One Day in Prague

August 12, 2014


I am writing these words sitting on an incredibly beautiful terrace with a stunning sea view. It is almost plus forty degrees outside and maddened from heat cicadas are chirring without stop. Guess where I am? I am on Zakynthos – one of the most picturesque islands of Greece!

These holidays were quite unexpected. The boss of my husband just told him that he needs to take a vacation now instead of October as we initially planned. One evening of searches on the hotel booking sites – near to desperate as it seemed that all nice places are already reserved. Finally, I have found this little bungalow just thirty meters from the marvelous sea. Our flight was booked through Prague and we decided to take this opportunity to at least have a look at this magnificent city. Of course one day is not enough to see at least tenth part of all the attractions there, however, it is sufficient to get the feeling of the place and understand if you want to come back for longer.

So if like us, you get in Prague for one day or just a few hours here is the list of things you can do:

  • Start your tour from Charles Bridge (Karlův most) – one of the main attractions in Prague. It was built in the 14th century on the place of the old wooden one.  It has thirty sculptures in Baroque style.
  • Another sight worth seeing is Prague Castle – on of the largest castle complex in the world.
  • Walk along Zlatá ulička (Golden street) – very famous place in Prague where in the past were living alchemists and jewelers.
  • Go to see Old Town Hall – where you will find famous clock made in the 15th century (according to the legend the master was blinded so he wouldn’t be able to make the second one like this). Every hour the shutters above the clock open and the figure of one of the 12 apostles appears.
  • Visit the Church of Our Lady Before Týn – the most important church in Prague on the right bank of Vltava (it is also one of the most recognizable sights of the city). 
  • Have a dinner or lunch in one of the local restaurants. Some of the specialties you shouldn’t miss include knedliki (steamed bread), Guláš (beef stew) and roast pork. And of course, you should try the famous Czech beer. When we asked which beer is the best we were told that all Czech beer is the best, so you won’t make mistake with the choice. Some of the most famous brands are Staropramen,  Velkopopovický KozelGambrinusRadegastKrušovice.
  • Understand that you need to come back for at least one week to explore this beautiful and very old city.






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