Scandinavian Furniture Buying Guide by Furnie

July 14, 2014

Interior: image via | Ceiling Lighting by Furnie

What do we know about Scandinavian decor? Many people would probably associate it with white walls, exposed brick, untreated wood and simple, unsophisticated environments. Nowadays this style is becoming more and more popular, and, what is remarkable, not only among people from the northern part of Europe. When it comes to decorating and choosing furniture, many people are getting stuck as they are not really sure what kind of pieces they need to look for. I am going to give you some simple tips on how to do that and will use beautiful furniture from online-shop Furnie from the UK as an illustration.

All Scandinavian furniture has simple, minimalistic forms, sleek design and is usually made of natural materials, such as light wood (beech, birch, sometimes pine, spruce) and linen, cotton and leather for upholstery. These materials make Scandi interiors very cozy and comfortable for living. Now let’s have a look at the various types of furniture in more detail.


Upholstered furniture is predominantly coloured in blue, grey, black or white colours. It is supplemented with decorative pillows, they also tend to be in neutral or subtle colours, however, it is also possible to add some bright accents – the main thing here is not to overdo it. Knitted throws and furs are also very popular. Sofas and armchairs usually have rectangular shapes with rounded corners.

Interior: image via | Sofa by Furnie

Accent chairs can be in more vivid colours to create some bright spots in a room. But again they should be monochromatic without any decorative patterns, such as flowers, animal prints or chevron. Leather chairs are another good alternative for a room decorated in a Scandi style.

Interior: image via | Chairs by Furnie


Dining tables have a square or oval shape and are made of natural wood. Chairs can be plastic or wooden as well. Transparent finishing is aims to highlight the natural beauty of timber. In a Scandinavian kitchen you will rarely find glass or painted wood – people in nordic countries seek to be closer to nature. Eating food in such surroundings is pleasant and enjoyable.

Interior: image via | Furniture by Furnie


Due to the lack of natural light, Scandinavians use lamps, candles, floor lamps and table lamps in various shapes, sizes and styles. Do not be afraid to experiment, however, glamorous crystal and gold chandeliers or intricate Moroccan lamps are rare guests in this type of interior. It is better to go for simple shapes and materials, such as round copper or plastic conic pendant lights

Interior: image via | Ceiling Lighting by Furnie


Storage solutions in Scandinavian homes are practical and straight-forward. Usually made of natural wood, they have lots of shelves and storage space. Many things in the house are not hidden, but instead, are put on display: thus books are usually kept on open shelves, while dresses can be hung on a simple clothes rack.

Interior: image via | Furniture by Furnie

Would you use a Scandinavian style to decorate your own home? Looking forward to your comments!


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