How to Turn an Old Console Table Into a Stunning Feature

June 27, 2014


Whether you find that cool old console table in your basement, your parent’s attic or a neighbour’s garage sale, it’s easy to create a stunning new piece of furniture. Sometimes, a console table can be changed right into… a console table!

The trick is to take a tired, out-of-style piece and transform it into a gorgeous piece of furniture that you would be more accustomed to seeing from a bespoke creator like Zespoke. So, whether you find an old console to turn into a baby’s changing table, a kitchen food prep area or a place for wraps and umbrellas in the entry hell, rev your imagination into high gear and think way outside of that console’s box!

1. Make a New Kitchen Island

Photography by Philip Friedman, Created by: Anthony Santelli

Photography by Philip Friedman, Created by: Anthony Santelli

HGTV turns a console table into a kitchen island on wheels that will fit those small apartment kitchens. A 1/2-inch polyethylene top makes this island a great place to prepare food. Add a wall pocket to hold cookbooks, cork lining for the drawer interior, and a set of caster wheels and you’re all set to go!

2. An Old Console Stereo Becomes a New Console Stereo


The craftsmen at the This Old House TV show on PBS have no end of creative ideas! Remember those old ’70s Spanish-style console stereos? They were heavy, large and will probably never break down on their own. Why not change the old console stereo. For a mere $600, you can get a magical high-end stereo!

3. Redecorate That Old Console for a New Look


The Centsational Girl does it again! A nice, but boring, wooden console table sat for years in the hallway. No reason to get rid of it. It was just tired and old. By refinishing the table and painting it a lovely French Linen gray with gold leaf paint at the decorative motifs. The home now has a conversation piece that beautifully decorates the living room.

4. From Console TV to Console Table

console table

Speaking of large Spanish-style ’70s furniture, take a peek at Apartment Therapy’s re-do of a big console TV into a great console table. The new colour brings life to the room, unlike that original dark finish. The table is miles lighter and creates the perfect hall console.

5. Marble Top to Transform a Road-Kill Table


What would a DIY article be without the venerable Martha Stewart? Watch this video as Martha and her friend Tom Tamborello take a sorry-looking table and transform it into a classic marble-top table that would grace any space.

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June 27, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Really cool! I love re-purposing!


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