7 DIY Ideas Of Decorating With Dry Branches

January 13, 2014

Decorating with natural elements such as stones, plants, flowers always creates at home a very relaxing mood and makes you feel close to the environment even living in the center of the megalopolis. Though it might seem difficult to find them during the winter period, there is one thing you can always get for sure in the nearest park or forest – dry tree branches. Recently I have collected several of them and just put them in the vase and they instantly transformed my table vignette making it look very Zen and winter-inspired. Apart from this easiest way to use dry branches, there are so many other creative things you can do with them:  whimsical candle holders, hangers, wall art, etc. Using them untreated will bring a rustic feel to your home, while painting them or covering with lacquer will highlight their unusual shape and you can coordinate them with the colour scheme of your room.

I strongly recommend you to collect old branches avoiding cutting them from the growing trees: thus you will not harm the nature and you will not need to dry them afterward but start decorating immediately.

Below are some wonderful DIY ideas of decorating with tree branches: I hope it will bring you some inspiration and desire to create.

1) Collecting some big branches and simply hanging them on the wall will help you to hide unattractive empty space and create unusual wall decor. Remember though to fix them properly, especially if you hang them above sitting area as we don’t want any accidents to happen. Another thing you can also do is to paint the branches in the same colour as you accent pieces – vases, rugs or decorative cushions to create complete and coordinating look. In one house I have seen entire old dead tree put upside down with roots supporting the ceiling: it looked absolutely fantastic though this is of course a very difficult project to accomplish where you will require the help of professional carpenter.


2) Lighting is another decorative element which you can enhance with dry tree branches. You can hang a large one above the dining table or bedhead and then fix lamps on it. You can also put a garland light around: looks magical, especially for Christmas.

Christmas decor

3) Another Christmas idea is to make a Christmas tree itself. I know some people don’t like real or artificial fur-trees so this might be a very good and very original alternative:


 4) There are several ways to make a hanger from the old branch: you can cut the part where two snags connect and use it as a hook or you can also make a rail out of it by attaching it with ropes to the ceiling:

branches hanger


5) I found this cute coffee table and thought it might be quite easy to make it yourself. For this project you will need a square wooden box, lots of  tree branches, electric chainsaw and stump slices and liquid nails to fix them.


6) Yet another beautiful idea for lighting: now big branch is used for hanging lanterns with candles on it:


7) Finally one of the most popular ideas is to decorate with branches candle holders. This is one of the creative ways to do it:

dry branches candle holder

Which other ideas can you suggest of decorating wit dry branches? Looking forward to your comments!


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