Essential Colour: Aubergine

November 25, 2013

One of the colours I am lately obsessed with is aubergine or dark, brownish-purple hue resembling skin of European eggplants. There is so much complexity in it as it contains red, blue, gray, brown and black tones. It is also very controversial as it has warmth and energy of red and on the other hand calmness and coolness of blue. Since ancient times purple was associated with rank and royalty and psychologically it radiates confidence and self-esteem.

aubegine collage

Interiors designed using this colour always look very solid and luxurious. By involving it in your home decor you will be able to create a very cozy and comfortable environment. Eggplant is perfect for home offices, reception, living and dining rooms. This colour loves neighborhood with dark brown and in combination with natural textures such as wood and leather it creates a very masculine and sophisticated look:

image source

Gold always works great with dark purple since yellow is its direct complimentary colour. However, both gold and purple are very opulent colours and this combination might look too pompous. Adding some rustic textures and simple elements will help to make the space a bit more informal and relaxed.

Image source

Aubergine looks great in powder rooms: your guests will be pleasantly surprised with such uncommon colour choice.Actually eggplant is perfect for decorating any small space with lack of natural light as it distracts from the small dimensions of the room: thus it will be a wonderful choice for the entrance or reception area. Lime green is another colour which looks great together with aubergine, especially if added as little accents:

eggplant walls

Any living room painted in aubergine colour becomes very elegant and classy:

Image source

Eggplant loves the crispy white, relaxing beige and calming cream. By adding these hues to the colour scheme you will get a more informal and airy look. Without these bright accents, the room might seem too oppressive and dark.

Image source

Splashes of yellow and natural greenery will add some joy and natural feel:


Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.07.07 AM


aubergine decor

1.Suzani Cushions from PopOColor Shop on Etsy, 2. Vintage Flock Wallpaper by Kelly Hoppen from Graham&Brown, 3. Fortuny Rub Floor Lamp, 4. Decorative Frames from BeautiShe Shop on Etsy , 5. Margherita Armchair from Anna Casa, 6. Decorative cushion from JillianReneDecor Shop on Etsy, 7. SG Cecillle Rug 

What about you – do you like aubergine colour? Looking forward for your comments!


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