Jewelry Box «Tree of Life»


Jewelry box «Tree of Life»

This elegant box was carved from a beech wood and then hand decorated with acrylic paints. Original design depicts the tree of life. In ancient Armenia, the Tree of Life was a religious symbol and was drawn on walls of fortresses and carved on the armor of warriors.
This box will be a wonderful gift for girls of all ages. It is perfect for storing little pieces of jewelry — rings, chains, pendants.
Diam — 12 cm (4,7»)
This item is made to order, so it may slightly vary from the photo. Each piece is an artwork and no second exactly alike exists.
Shipment worldwide with registered international post (usual delivery time 2-3 weeks to US and 1-2 weeks to Europe). in November and December can take significantly longer.
Care: clean with soft dry cloth, avoid contact with water.


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Габариты 12 cm


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