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rhian asked 11 months ago

Hi Anna sorry it’s me again, can you flip back and forth into 3D with archicad? Do you have to learn 2D first?
As I have been taught 2D autocad (not 3D,the tutor could just about cope teaching me the 2D!!) how do they compare, as I know you learn 3D autocad after you’ve mastered the 2D.

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L'Essenziale Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Rhian, 
Yes, these two programs Archicad and Autocad have totally different principles in work. When you drafting floor plan in Arhicad in 2D it automatically creates a 3D perspective – so all what you need to do is to click on the tool panel for the 3D preview. This program is also not very easy to learn but provides you with so many opportunities. I personally find it more effective for preparing all project documentation – floor plans with measurements, electricity, lighting plans, etc. It is also very easy to layer tiles and other flooring in this program, create ceiling plans. 3D are quite basic, but my clients are so far happy with them and never asked me for photorealistic renderings. 

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