How to Use Bedroom Decor to Promote Rest

January 30, 2018

Your bedroom is the only room in your home that is just about you. It is the place that you go at the end of the day to relax and rest. These tips will help sleep better and keep your room stylish.

bedroom decor


Lighting sets the tone for the entire room. A child’s playroom has bright lights to encourage play and activity. A fine dining restaurant has dim lighting to promote a soothing ambiance. Lighting set the mood. While you are getting ready for bed, the lighting in the room should be dim to help you relax, not bright lights the playroom.  

bedroom decor


You can achieve this mood by using dimmable lights, candles, and lamps. If you don’t have a dimmable light switch, don’t worry. Candles and lamps work just as well. Light a few candles around the room, so that you have enough light to do your bedtime routine, but dim enough to create a tranquil ambiance. Lamps are a great choice because they can be a feature of your decor during the day and soft lighting at night.

You can have fun with your lamp choice. There are many options for the lamp base (even dimmable options). Your lampshade can be used to accent the room. Don’t forget the bulb. You can add an Edison bulb to achieve that relaxing look you are going for.  


Scent Decor

The decor isn’t just the way something looks. The scent of your room is very important. When you are in your bed with your eyes closed, the scent of the room is going to be very noticeable.


When you first enter a room, the scent is going to be one of the first things you notice. The smell sets the tone. Choose a scent that promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation. Choose a fragrance that pleases everyone sleeping in the bedroom.

There are several scents that are ideal for the bedroom, which include: lavender, vanilla, and jasmine.  Lavender is top choice for the bedroom because it causes a feeling of calmness.

There are several ways to create your scent decor. First, oil diffusers. These are fun because there are endless options. You can put these on your nightstand or dresser and make them become part of your decor or plug them into your outlet as an outlet cover. The electric diffusers that you use on your nightstand come in many options. You can find them in bright bold colors to sleek and slim options. There are even diffusers that light up, which can help you create that peaceful ambiance that you’re looking for.

Wax warmers are similar to oil diffusers. These are either electric or used with candles. Candles are a good option for your bedtime routine but need to be put out before you hit the sheets. Even though candlelight is relaxing, you don’t want to sleep while a candle is burning because of the risk or fire. These warmers also come in many different varieties.

Bedding and Window Treatments

There are many choices for bedding. You can choose a comforter or a quilt. The style you choose depends on what makes you sleep the best. Some bedding types are better for some sleep positions.  Choose your bedding first then decorate the room around it.  

After you have chosen the style, next it’s time to get into the details of the blanket. Choose the texture and weight of the blanket based on your preferences. Heavier blankets have been proven to cause a feeling of security.  

Window treatments can either be light or dark colored and either sheer or solid. Light or sheer style window treatments create a light and airy feel while darker colors or solid curtains create a cozy feeling.

Your bedroom should be your happy place. Your bedroom should promote happiness and peacefulness all while staying stylish. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a beautiful room which also helps you rest better.


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