Classic Interior Styles to Incorporate into Your Home

January 5, 2018

Some designs are timeless, others come and go within a season. The last thing that you want is to be dazzled by a trend that leaves your home looking dated. Instead, you need to find your own personal, timeless style that will endure for years. Furniture and interior design, after all, is not cheap. Good quality furniture is meant to last for decades, so you need to ensure that the style will last for decades. If you want the timeless, classic look, consider adding these timeless styles to your home:  

  • Wood Floors

Wooden flooring has been around for centuries, and for good reason. It adds value to your home, pulls the entire home together, and you can add beautiful rugs on top of them to add a bit of flair. Wood floors also hold up much better over time, as they are spill resistant. The only thing that you need to concern yourself with when you choose hardwood is that the color of the woof will need to match or at least be complementary to the wood of your furniture.

  • Neutral Walls

Neutral walls reflect the most light. They also allow for the décor to take center stage. That’s why when you are painting your home, the best and most enduring color scheme that you can choose is light and warm. The clean lines will make your home feel airy and light, and the lighter colors will brighten the room, as opposed to darkening it. You need this to make rooms feel bigger than they are and is essential for small apartments.

  • Clean Lines


When it comes to furniture, the cleaner the lines, the better. Do this by choosing solid furniture whose design has endured time. If the style hasn’t been around for at least one hundred years, consider something else. The simpler, the better. That’s because by choosing simple, but solidly designed furniture allows you to have an enduring look. Typically, the quality of these pieces should be high, so that they can be used and enjoyed throughout your life. Once you have this base, you can trade your decorations as you feel like it, because you have the solid canvas to work from.

  • Cleanliness

On top of clean lines, you should aim to keep your space clean and clutter free. There is no design in the world that can outshine a copious amount of clutter. That’s why you need to install custom storage solutions in order to give your place more storage, without interfering with your layout. For the clutter that you want to keep, but don’t need around the house – for instance, that camping gear you use once a year – it’s time to find a new home for them. Rent out a self storage facility and keep the seasonal equipment and larger items stored away safely until you need them again. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about throwing away anything of sentimental value or of worth.

Classic interior designs are designs that last, not trends that die fast. They are the designs that have held up and stayed glamorous for centuries. That’s why, when you are redesigning your home, aim for classic design.

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