10 Window Treatment Trends We Are Totally Over

January 4, 2018

In today’s post I want to share with you window treatment trends that were once popular but now it is time to forget about them.

Complex multilevel curtains

Such window treatments usually accompanied with lambrequins, tassels, valances and other decorative elements are a thing of the past. Unless you are a zealous fan of classic interiors, it is better to choose today simpler forms making an accent on interesting textures and prints.

Classic curtains in small rooms

Multilayered curtains with an abundant decor visually make space look smaller than it is. Therefore, small rooms shouldn’t be cluttered with heavy textiles at all. I recommend opting for various types of blinds in this case – for example, Roman, roller, wooden Venetian and Vertical blinds.


Accent on the curtain rods

Rods with intricate finials is again something that passed. In modern interiors designers prefer to hide the fittings – for example, you can attach them as close to the ceiling as possible, which will also make the ceilings look higher. To make the curtains look luxurious and sumptuous make sure that their width is enough to form multiple drapes. I recommend using two times the fabric which yields 100% fullness, or three times as much fabric which yields 200% fullness to achieve a rich, affluent look.

Curtains that are not matched with the rest of interior design

Window treatment is something that brings the final touch to any room. If you coordinate it by color and style with your furniture and other textiles the interior will look complete and appealing.

Mandatory Tulle

With the rising popularity of Scandinavian design, windows are often kept without any window treatments to let in as much natural light as possible. Though without any curtains or blinds, windows might look uninviting and naked. Compliment them with simple curtains on both sides of the window, but avoid sheer curtains – this will make the room look airy and spacious. If you need extra privacy you can use additional short curtains that will cover only part of the window. If you have large window sills decorate them with plants, picture frames, candles and other decorative objects.

Synthetic materials

Being closer to nature is a general trend in interior design right now. More and more people want to avoid synthetic materials and this includes textiles as well, instead choosing cotton, linen and natural silk.

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