Incorporating Chalkboard Vinyl into Your Home’s Holiday Design

December 23, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner, and it is time to wrap things up for that big family get-together. From putting up the last ornaments on the tree to buying the ingredients for the holiday family feast, it can be a lot of pressure to make the last touches perfect. However, you will make these easy when you enter chalkboard vinyl and vibrant markers, you can make your holiday party the very best.

Christmas Ornaments

There are so many ideas for Christmas ornaments out there, which means that no two families’ holiday trees are like. One particularly winter-themed chalkboard ornament is the log slice chalkboard ornament. If you aren’t a lumberjack, you can purchase log slices at your local craft store. Choose fitting chalkboard vinyl and apply these to the log slices after you’ve drilled a hole through the top. Hang with string and place on your tree after adding your personal touches, such as names, Christmas greetings and art, and more.

Cheerful Signs

One great way to utilize chalkboard vinyl is to create cheerful, holiday signs personalized for your family’s Christmas celebration. Use a frame to greet those who come into your home with a Merry Christmas or invite them for some cocoa and stay warm. This creates a warm welcome when placed in the foyer, or in the kitchen to cheer you on as you bake cookies with your family.

Pick up a basic pine wreath and a wood frame. Instead of using a photo, use chalkboard vinyl to cover the cardboard backing. This means using much less effort than chalkboard paint. Put the back into the frame, and attach the wreath with glue or even hang it from the top of the wreath. Tell your family Merry Christmas in your prettiest hand.

Keep Your Drink to Yourself

When you have family over, it can be easy to confuse mugs, glasses, and wine glasses among the various friends and relatives coming and going. No one wants to have Auntie drink their wine or coffee, so help keep your drink to yourself with chalkboard vinyl. This can be something that people do casually, or you can use these personalized drinking containers as a way to make the holiday table look that much more put together.

Chalkboard vinyl can also be done with placeholders, placemats, and more. Remember, warm water with gentle soap and white vinegar can be used on a chalk markers site. When washed carefully, you can use these mugs for other events, or to show off your creativity.

Table Placement

The table is the center of all holiday parties. Whether you set out snacks or an entire meal with multiple courses, you will want it set up perfectly – chalkboard vinyl adds that perfect wow factor that will impress your in-laws. From creating wine tasting spreads to labeling each snack places on the tabletop, chalkboard vinyl can be used for simple name placement or be used on the plate itself to greet the guest.

Even after the holidays pass, chalkboard elements are a great addition to your home. This crafty material does not have to be limited to the holidays, as chalkboards can be a great addition to kitchens and children’s rooms, even in the front room to simply treat your family with a positive message each day. Chalkboard decor is a great way to personalize your home’s atmosphere and keep it perfectly homey.

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