Easy Updates To Enhance The Appeal Of Your Home

December 20, 2017

There comes a time when you look around your house and realize you’re unhappy with what’s staring back at you. You’re not alone and shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to make your house look nicer. Understand that you’re not going to be able to tackle all you desire overnight.

While it will take some time and money, be glad knowing that there are a few enhancements that won’t be as damaging to your wallet or schedule. You can improve the look of your home with updates that are easy and painless. Don’t be afraid to consult with a pro and get their opinion prior to starting any work.

New Paint

Never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do for your house. Take a tour of your home and check out which rooms could use some new paint. Save money by doing the project yourself, if you’re feeling up to it. This is your chance to pick out colors that will make your rooms look bigger and more modern. Consider adding an accent wall in a bedroom or painting your front door a unique color that stands out. Have fun with it, and remember that you can always change it later if you don’t like the outcome.

Modern Furniture

Look around and pick out which pieces of furniture you’d love to get rid of. Select attractive and bold pieces that instantly improve your space – is one of my favorite places to source some. They offer cool, contemporary and modern furniture from a variety of different categories, at reasonable prices. Switching out a few pieces here and there is sure to transform your home for the better. This is your chance to create a whole new look, so you actually like what you see when you walk into your home.

Cozy Décor

Your décor matters and if it’s plain and boring then it’s dragging each room down. Consider adding fresh flowers, a gallery wall, plants and colorful pillows and blankets. Candles are also a great way to increase the coziness factor in your home. Pay attention to each piece of décor and ask yourself what it’s bringing to the room. If you no longer like it or it’s out of style then get rid of it. Keep in mind that a simple piece of stylish artwork will always do the trick in an area like the living room.

Install A Backsplash

An eye-catching backsplash is a gorgeous touch. If your bathroom or kitchen needs a refresh, then add a backsplash, instead of completely redoing the entire room. This is an excellent way to bring in texture, color and style to your favorite rooms in the house. It’s more economical than going forward with a full remodel. There are numerous different designs and colors to choose from. You can line the backsplash around as a border or cover an entire wall with it. The choice is yours.

Clean your Windows

You may think your windows look bad, but haven’t even considered if they’re dirty. Before you go replacing all your windows, try giving them a good wash. It may just be dirt and grime that’s making them look cloudy and old. This will instantly brighten up your house and make it look better, without having to invest a lot of money into replacing them. Do it yourself or hire a pro to come out and help you. If it works, put this task on your schedule going forward.

Finish your Basement

Think about how great it would be to have a basement that’s actually appealing to spend time in. While it’s not as easy as the other items on this list, finishing your basement is a worthwhile investment. You’ll get a lot of use out of it and a return on your investment when you go to sell. If you don’t want to do it all at once, then start small and continue improving your basement over time. This will give you and your family an entirely new room to start using and hanging out in. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even design it so it converts into an extra bedroom.

Clean & Organize

Enhancing the look of your home is as simple as a deep clean sometimes. If you don’t like the look of your home, it may be because it’s messy. This can trick your mind into seeing your home as one big disaster, instead of the beautiful space it truly is. Take time to clean, organize and declutter in your free time. All your home needs is for you to rearrange a bit and find a place for your belongings. Make it a habit to clean regularly and pick up as you go during the week. This will guarantee the mess never piles up into one large project ever again.  

Rip out Old Carpet

Take a good look at your floors. Decide if you want to rip out old carpet and replace it with more of the same, or if you want to install hardwood floors. There are pros and cons to both, so make sure you do your homework before moving forward. Clean all of your floors and make sure it isn’t the filth that’s making them look bad, before you go replacing them. Regardless, old carpet has the ability to drag your house down and make it look outdated. For that reason, consider the color and material when shopping for the replacement carpet.


It’s normal to look around your house one day and not love what you see. Instead of panicking, get creative about what you can do to make it look better, without breaking the bank or overexerting yourself. These are just a few easy updates that will help turn around the appearance of your home. There’s no need to do it all at once. Make a priority list of what you want to tackle first and spread out the updates. Remember to sit back and admire and enjoy all your hard work when it’s complete.

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