The Green Life is a Good Life: Five Tips to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

December 17, 2017

Going green is not just a lifestyle, it’s a great way to save money, add value to your home, and to also help the environment. Going green is the new way of life, and it’s the way of the future. It allows you to heat and cool your home more efficiently, it allows you to use less energy, and it even allows you to reduce or eliminate how much energy you use. The true green lifestyle means that you are taken completely off the grid and are self-sustainable. Now, while that might not be doable for everyone, there are a few common measures that you can take:

  • Install Solar Panels

A great way to make use of renewable energy is to install solar panels. This will allow you to significantly reduce the amount of energy that you use, simply because you have an alternate source of energy. This is particularly useful in winter, when there is no shade from trees blocking your roof, and you use extra power to heat your home. You can get these solar panels installed from the Solar Company, and enjoy the lowered energy bills immediately.

  • Use Landscaping to Help Insulate

Your landscaping can do a lot to help you go green. Not only is having a proper garden, complete with flora, trees, and bushes great for air quality around your home, these plants can also help insulate your house. For instance, plant-strong, evergreen bushes or trees along walls of your home that experience winter winds. Similarly, you can install large trees overhead so that in summer, you can benefit from a home in the shade.

  • Upgrade!

Another easy way to both make your life easier and to reduce how much energy your home needs to operate is to upgrade your appliances. Old appliances are extremely inefficient, both in terms of use and how much energy they use. Upgrading them will add value to your home, they will make your quality of life infinitely better, and they will use less energy.
This also applies to other areas of your home like lighting. The more energy efficient your appliances and items are, the better.

  • Use Your Furnishings

Having a thick rug in your living room can immediately make a home so much warmer. The same applies to having thick curtains on the windows. Essentially, use your furnishings to maximize the heating you do use. This means that you can have a nice and warm home in the winter while using less energy.

  • Dispose of Waste Correctly

Recycle, recycle, recycle! Very little of what you throw in the garbage actually belongs there. You should put more effort into recycling and composting so that you send less to the dump. If everyone did this, we’d have less waste disposal issues around the world.

Going green is a spectrum. For most, these four tips will allow you to become more eco-friendly, while also allowing you to live in luxury with the added benefit of lowered energy bills.


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