Living Room Trends for 2018

December 15, 2017

If you are looking to remodel your living room in the upcoming period, you should really pay attention to the trends which are up and coming in the following period. Not only will it make your home feel modern and up to date, but it will also increase your home’s value in case you decide to sell it.

The main thing with home remodels is finding the balance between the things you feel comfortable with and that is currently trendy. It’s not a good thing to go for the most modern look if you don’t feel at home in that space. However, we present you some trends and designs for the upcoming year.

Color Palette

When it comes to colors, 2018 promises to be a very earthy year. Meaning that the primary colors are all shades of brown and green, complemented by the secondary colors like dark red or soft orange. The main aim of this color pairing is to give the sense of coziness.

However, even though the colors are meant to be reserved and unimposing, the accents and details are sparkling – metal shades like copper and gold are meant to give you the feel of warmth, all the while not undermining the hipness of the space.

Simplicity of Shapes

When it comes to furniture, the aim is to be as simple as possible. The reduced and simplified lines of the furniture are aligned with the trend of minimalism which has been ruling the market for a while now.For example, sofas like this fit the bill perfectly.

When it comes to chairs and tables, the geometric design is still the way to go. You can experiment with metal furniture and try to pair it with your wood floors and other furniture items. It should provide a stark contrast which makes for a bold and beautiful design.

Wood Finishes Go Dark

In the recent years, much emphasis was put on natural tones of wood, meaning that the majority of wooden surfaces were meant to be light. However, in 2018, the tables are turning, and darker tones are becoming more popular, as they give a more refined and luxurious feel to the surfaces. Anything from tables to shelves to your floors can be given this new hue.

Go All Out on Lights

However, to give your wood surfaces the proper shine and accent, you should invest in lighting. If you haven’t already, it is time to switch to LED lights. Not only are they cheaper and more durable than any other option, but they also have the brightness unmatched by any other option.

This makes them ideal both as the main light for the room, as well as the accent lights for your artwork and wall ornaments. There are some truly spectacular and unusual lighting solutions out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try them out.

Small Furniture Accents

When it comes to furniture, the experts suggest uniform color palette, preferably of neutral colors, like gray or beige. These colors do not clash with the rest of the room, but they do give the premium feel of carefully and tastefully assembled room.

However, when something as large as a sofa is monotone, the room itself can seem, well, monotonous. Fortunately, you can give your room a breath of life with carefully selected accents like cozies and cushions.

However, your house is only truly your home if you give it your own personal touch. Most people are adding their own flair to the modern designs to make them truly unique. Find your passion and incorporate it into your own home.

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