DIY Cool Projects For Your Home Using a Framing Nailer

December 12, 2017

Owning a framing nailer is an important, especially when it comes to construction. Using it means that you need to be careful and maintain safety first because it is a powerful tool. It is useful for building structures in your home and other buildings.

If you don’t handle a framing nailer correctly, you could cause major damages and harm yourself. It is best to ask for assistance from an experienced person or find someone who can show you how to use one if this is the first time you are using a framing nailer. Remember to wear protective gear to protect your eyes.  When using a framing nailer, you should make sure that you are alert and that there is nothing that will impede the use of the machine. If it is not in use, always disconnect it from the power source just as a precautionary safety measure.

Now that I have mentioned how important it is to be safe when handling it let’s look at some interesting projects you can undertake at your home and the best framing nailer for the money.

Fabric headboard

One of the creative ways to use a framing nailer is to make this soft fabric headboard. It will convert a simple bed into a statement piece in your bedroom. Read how I made mine in this project here.

DIY day bed

This is the most heavy duty nailer in the market. It is usually used for heavy construction and for framing wood in the building. It uses three-inch nails. It is a heavy duty machine which provides a contact that is switchable and can make adjustments while driving the nails inside.

Using this framing nailer you can make such a cool DIY project for your home as this daybed: if you have a patio or a balcony, spending time over there will be so much more enjoyable with it.

Roofing Needs

If you have shorter nails which have large heads, then this is the right nailer to use. It can nail up to ten nails in a second which means it uses a lot of air. Because it has a high air consumption plan, you should make sure you have a compressor which matches this feature. The nails usually come as a coil and are best for use on the roof. It can be used on drywall exteriors.


As the name suggests, a flooring nailer is used for installing nails. It is a tool which helps you nail a hardwood floor quickly without getting tired from kneeling down. It inserts the nail at an angle of 45 degrees. If you want to set the nail, you will need a rubber mallet to do so because it doesn’t do this automatically.

Interior Trim

A finishing nailer is a powerful tool with great holding power. It is used to attach pieces of trim which are heavy, such as a cabin, baseboard, and a crown molding. It is a perfect tool for an indoor trim. They come either as a cordless nailer or an air compression one. They have large diameters which help wood stay in place.

DIY Wall Art

Using framing nailer you can make such a simple, yet very eye-catching decoration for your wall. It costs almost nothing to make – you just need a simple plywood sheet as a base and several wooden shims. Read the full tutorial on how to make it here

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