How To Cozy Up Your Home For Christmas

December 8, 2017

Hello, friends!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure you have already done some preparations to celebrate these holidays in style. If you don’t like too much fuss about it, but still want to make your home look festive, I have prepared for you some tips that will help you to make warm and cozy holiday environment without being overwhelmed with too much decorating stuff.

  1. Christmas tree without decorations. Even without colorful balls, sparkling garlands, angels and toppers, Christmas tree will bring a festive mood to your house. Opt for a real tree and plant it in a pretty woven basket. Its artificial fellows will never have the same appeal so don’t compromise here.
  2. Simple brown, black or white paper for wrapping gifts. This willl look very stylish and unique especially if you add on the top a branch of juniper or thuja.
  3. Update your windows. Classy curtains or new wooden shutters will bring to your home cozy and inviting look. I used Tier on Tier window shutters for creating this mood board below.
  4. Bring outdoors in. In this post earlier I told about how I made unique coffee tables out of simple stumps. Bringing some natural elements to your home such as tree branches, pine cones, berries will make it feel warm and relaxing.
  5. Don’t forget about comfy textiles – fluffy rug on the floor, knitted plaids and furs will warm you up during long winter evenings.
  6. Nothing is associated more with hygge lifestyle as real fireplace and woods. If you haven’t got one yet maybe it is time to think about buying one for this winter?
  7. Light it up. String lights and candles always create a fairy and romantic look – one of the reasons, probably, why Christmas is such an anticipated holiday throughout the whole year…
  8. Christmas scent. I guess each person has his own associations about Christmas smell – for me its mandarines, fir tree and chocolate. How about getting into a little bit nostalgic mood and bringing back some childhood memories?

Have you prepared you home for Christmas already? Which theme did you use to decorate it this year? Looking forward to reading your ideas in the comments below.

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